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A Powerful Prayer for Restoration
By Cally Logan

Throughout the scriptures it is clear that when God seeks to restore, compassion is coupled along with that intention. Jeremiah 34:26 shares, “For I will restore their fortunes and have compassion on them.” It is God’s heart for His chosen people to not only restore, but to compassionately restore something even better than before. Much like John 15 sharing about pruning even the good fruit, at times things will be removed or cut from our lives so that He can grow something even better in its place.

Seasons of chaos and storms are inventible in life. These seasons can make you feel as if all is lost and abandoned, because the wreckage of what is left from the storm can feel daunting and beyond repair. The beauty of Christ is that He not only is the Lord of restoration, but He is the God of making all things new in His time and work.

More often than not, through ruins in our lives, it can be easy to wear those wounds as part of our identities. Even unspoken, we begin to call ourselves by the name Deserted or Desolate. But the Lord seeks to give instead His Name, which pours out protection, delight, and establishes a covenant between God and us of a new and glorious reformation in our lives.

May God remind you this day that He is working all things together for His glory, and for your benefit (Romans 8:28). May you have the courage to stand in faith that He will honor these promises to you in His timing and way, and that in His compassionate love we have all that we will ever need. We have life and life abundantly.

A Prayer for Restoration

Dear Lord,

We have seen the damage firsthand that storms can cause in our lives. We know the destruction, aching, and devastation that they cause. If we are being honest, at times it can seem impossible that anything beautiful or good can come from such sorrows. We know within our hearts that this isn’t the end of the story, that You have something far greater to come.

Father, we ask today for Your hand in our lives. We pray for the restoration of our lives by Your process. That process may not look like what we would think or plan, but we know that because You see all that is, was, and is to come...that ultimately, You will do what is most compassionate and best. Father, today we come before Your Holy throne to ask for Your restoration in our lives. We submit ourselves to Your ever-loving Will and kindness throughout.

In Jesus name,

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