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4 Reasons You Can't Afford to Keep Your Bible Shut

4 Reasons You Can't Afford to Keep Your Bible Shut

Have you ever begged God to speak to you? I have. Years ago, I took some time out of my life to pray earnestly because I wanted God to speak to me. Anything Lord, I thought, just tell me anything. I had so romanticized the idea of God talking to me that I failed to see what was right in front of me. At that time of my life I would go days without reading my Bible, and even when I did, it was a hurried effort to strike it off my to-do list.

However, I realize that what I wanted at the time was the feel-good idea of hearing God speak to me. I wanted an audible voice or some fantastic sign from heaven that He had heard me.

What is wrong with this picture? I spent so much time looking for something that was within my reach already: God’s written Word! The Bible isn’t for Sunday mornings when the pastor calls out the text from the pulpit. If we treat it that way, then we haven’t come to understand the God of the Word and how He operates. God speaks to us in several ways; through others (prophecies, words of knowledge, etc.) through impressions in our hearts, through dreams, through His written Word (the Bible), through His highly desirable audible voice, amongst others. The only one we can control, however, is His written Word.

Want to know what God thinks about you? Open your Bible.

Want to know how He expects you to live as a wife, husband, parent? Read His Word.

Need wisdom for a trying period of your life? It’s in His Word.

Here are some reasons you cannot afford to have your bible tucked away in your closet:

1. God’s Word is for every situation you find yourself.

You’ll never know if you don’t open it. Ever heard someone say, “Really? That’s in the Bible?!” The Bible is packed full of insight and wisdom for our everyday encounters. We must read and study it to glean its truths. It is such an encouragement to open the Word of God and read something that speaks directly to whatever you might be going through. That is literally what can happen every time you pick up your Bible. There’s a new and fresh revelation for you. You might stumble across something you’ve never seen, or the most popular of verses might just take on a new meaning for you.

2. God’s Word is life.

Proverbs 4:22 “They are life to those who find them...” You cannot experience the life that God’s Word gives if you do not know the Word. If you’re not sure where to start there are numerous resources available that will guide you through engaging with Gods Word. Take advantage of them. God’s Word is your weapon to not only keep the enemy out but also to live a full and blessed life.

3. God’s Word provides a filter for your life choices and decisions.

Ever been confused about a decision., unable to make a choice between what looks right and does not? Go to the Word. Passing your choices, thoughts, and actions through the filter of God’s Word helps you choose the right course of action. Don’t just depend on what everybody says, read the Word for yourself. Get to know God’s heart concerning your situation.

4. God’s Word is not just for your Pastor. It’s for you.

It’s not just for your pastor or minister. As a matter of fact, don’t simply accept your pastor’s Word for it; study it for yourself. Be like the Berean Christians in Acts 17:11. The Bible says, “Now the Berean Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.” How wise of these people. They didn’t just take the Apostle Paul’s words for it; they searched the scriptures for themselves. Take a cue from them. Don’t be tempted to simply toss your Bible on the nightstand after every Sunday service, read it every day. Don’t give up if something seems difficult to understand, seek guidance if you must, ask questions but never ignore your daily communion with God through prayer and scripture reading. He is committed to revealing Himself to you.

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Remi Roy lives, writes and enjoys being in Dallas, Texas. Originally from Nigeria, she is passionate about her purpose which is following God every step of the way no matter the details. She is a contented wife, content developer, author of two books Ms. Unlikely and From the Sidelines and founder at Selahville. When she’s not working with clients, she spends time working on her next book and trying hard to be a morning person. You can find her at Or on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.