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7 Bible Reading Plans for 2021

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  • 2014 30 Dec
7 Bible Reading Plans for 2021

We believe that 2021 can be your best year yet for reading, understanding, and applying the Bible to your life. And we don’t just talk about how you can do it, we want to help you with your goal of working your way through God’s Word this year. In fact, we recently introduced a completely new Bible reading plan system to encourage you every day and to keep you on track.

So, what plans do we offer? Here are some of our favorites (after all, we at are on this journey with you):

Book Order Bible Reading Plan

Sure, it’s basic. But going through the Bible from “cover to cover” in a year is a satisfying and equipping experience. This plan will break up everything from Genesis to Revelation in daily chunks.

How long? One Year | More Information

Classic Daily Bible Reading Plan

The classic daily Bible reading plan has been tried and tested for decades, and Christians keep coming back to it. Why? Each day, you get three selections of Scripture (such as Genesis, Psalms, and Luke), and this gives you a unique perspective on how interconnected the Bible truly is.

How long? One Year | More Information

Chronological Bible Reading Plan

Seeing events unfold in the order that they happened has great appeal for many Christians. If that’s you, the chronological Bible reading plan is exactly what you’re looking for. It will carefully walk you through the history of God’s redeeming work.

How long? One Year | More Information

Ninety-Day Challenge Bible Reading Plan

We introduced the ninety-day challenge Bible reading plan recently, and the response has been tremondous. Hundreds of you have accepted and worked your way through all of Scripture in only three months. Is it tough? You bet. But you’ll really see how God works all things together for the good.

How long? Ninety Days | More Information

One-Year Bible Immersion Reading Plan

Many Christians take great comfort in the New Testament gospels and letters—but also don’t want to neglect the Old Testament. If that’s you, the one-year Bible immersion reading plan will lead you through the New Testament three times and the Old Testament once each year.

How long? One Year | More Information

Stay-on-Track Bible Reading Plan

Sometimes, it’s tough to read the Bible each day. Life gets in the way. That’s why we designed the stay-on-track Bible reading plan. Each week, you’ll have five days to read and two days to take a break, catch up, or get ahead. And you’ll still read through the whole Bible in a year.

How long? One Year | More Information

Busy-Life Bible Reading Plan

Some of us have started out reading the Bible in a year, made good progress, but then fallen so far behind that we just give up. That’s why we created the busy-life Bible reading plan. If reading through the whole Bible in a year seems impossible, this plan works with your schedule to help you reach your goal.

How long? Two Years | More Information

Really, that’s just scratching the surface of our Bible reading plans. We’ve got ones that focus on the New Testament, the Wisdom Books, and more. In other words, we’ve got one no matter where you are in your spiritual walk.

Visit the Bible reading plan page to take a look.