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Esther - Lesson Three - Day 5

  • Thomas Klock Harvest Ministries
  • 2008 4 Feb
Esther - Lesson Three - Day 5

Day Five: A Perplexed City

Please carefully read Esther 3:13–15 and answer the following questions.


1. What was the content of the letter that Haman sent quickly by the Persian Pony Express (v. 13)?

2. By using the three terms, to destroy (to desolate, destroy, cut off), kill (to murder, commit homicide), and annihilate (to leave desolate, destroyed, the term that Abaddon, the place of destruction, comes from),[xiii] it indicated the totality of how Haman wanted the Jewish race to be nothing but a memory, which would fulfill Satan’s goal of preventing a Messiah ever coming to destroy him (see Genesis 3).  How did Haman reflect the plans of the ultimate enemy of our souls, but how has Christ countered that for us (John 10:10, 11)?


Note: We need to keep this edict in mind when we get to Esther 8, and find out what ironically actually happened. 


3. What did the edict also tell the Persian people (v. 14)?


Note: The nlt translates this that the people should be “ready to do their duty.”


4.  What stark contrast does verse 15 relate between the reactions of Ahasuerus, Haman, and the people of Shushan (Susa) to this edict?


Note: The term perplexed is elsewhere translated “bewildered” (niv) and “fell into confusion” (nlt, nasb).  In Hebrew the word means to be confused, to mill around and wander aimlessly because of not knowing what to do.[xiv]


Scripture Memory:  Can you write out this week’s passage by memory here below?  Give it a try, and keep reviewing the passage several times throughout the day.

Esther 3:2b, 4

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