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Hunger Games Bible Study No. 1: The Reaping

  • Ryan M. Blanck
  • Updated Mar 19, 2013
Hunger Games Bible Study No. 1: The Reaping

These activities and lessons were planned for a small youth group but can be adapted easily for larger groups.

It may be possible that some of your students have not read The Hunger Games books or seen the movie, in which case you will need to give a brief primer on the plot and characters.

1. Crowd Breaker Activity: Hunger Games Pictionary
Supplies Needed: Large White Board, Markers, Eraser, Timer
Divide your group into two teams. Teams will take turns sending a representative to the white board to draw a Hunger Games-related picture that is written on a card. The representative has one minute to try to get his or her teammates to guess what is on the card using only pictures (no words, letters, symbols, etc.).
Ideas for cards: Katniss, Peeta, Prim, Gale, The Reaping, Rue, District 12, The Arena, The Capitol, District 13, Tracker Jackers, Muttations

2. Watch "The Reaping" scene of the film (chapters 3 and 4 in the first book).
Preface watching the film clip with this question: Is there anyone for whom you would be willing to sacrifice your life?
Watch the clip.

3. Debriefing Questions/Four Corners
Before the meeting, write each of the following questions on a separate piece of paper, and place the papers on the walls in four corners of the room (number the corners 1-4):
What do you think was going through Katniss' head as she volunteered to take her sister's place?
What do you think was going through Prim's head as Katniss volunteered to take her place?
How would you respond if you were in Katniss' place?
How would you respond if you were in Prim's place?
Have students scatter around the room and go to corners of their choosing. Have a leader close his or her eyes and pick a number between 1 and 4. Students in the selected corner answer the question in their corner. After several students answer, have them move around to a new corner. Have the leader call a new number, and those students answer their question. Continue this until most students answer a question (have the leader repeat a number or two so students can't avoid being called on by going to previously called corners).

4. Bible Study: John 15:12-15.
Read the Scripture passage. Discuss how Jesus no longer calls us servants or followers, but friends. He laid down His life for us, His friends. He not only gave His life physically, but also laid aside much of His divine nature to become human. Because He gave His life for us, we ought to lay down our lives for others. Most of us never will find ourselves in a situation such as Katniss and Prim, so ask students about more practical and real-life ways they can give their lives for others. Discuss how students can sacrifice for those in their lives.

5. Follow-up Four Corners
Repeat the Four Corners activity described above, but use the following questions:
Why do The Hunger Games exist?
What connections do you see between the world of the Hunger Games and our own world?
Has anyone ever made a great sacrifice for you? How did you respond?
In what ways can you lay down your life for another?