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Joshua - Week 7

  • Tonilee Adamson and Bobbye Brooks Daily Disciples
  • Updated Oct 03, 2007
Joshua - Week 7

Week 7 – Day 1

Marching Orders

Read Joshua 6:1-5                                                                                                 


This chapter begins with the Lord informing Joshua that the city of Jericho has been given into his hands. In God’s eyes, the task had already been accomplished, even though the Israelites had yet to enter the city. By faith and obedience to God’s words, Joshua and his men were to step out and follow the orders given to them by the Lord.


1. Describe the status of the city of Jericho and why this point is important to the story.


2. What orders did the Lord give Joshua to give to his men?


3. How many priests? How many trumpets? How many days?


4. What would be their final signal that the walls of the city were coming down?


This event would prove to be an extraordinary accomplishment for the Israelites. Clearly, they were witnessing the hand of God lead them out and provide for every step of their conquest into the promise land. The city of Jericho was already paralyzed with fear but nothing could have prepared them for how the actual battle would be carried out.


5. How does the story thus far encourage you or help you in your walk with the Lord?

Pray about it: Lord, today I pray that I may step out in obedience and faith to the things that seem impossible in my walk with You. May I surrender to Your marching orders in my life. You are an awesome God who can shake the foundations of the earth with just a breath.


Week 7 – Day 2

The Ark Leads the Way                                                                               

Read Joshua 6:6-16                                                                             


Joshua is now ready to set the procession in order. He calls the people together and gives them their instructions. As so often in scripture, we once again see how our God is a God of order. The Lord has clearly laid out the plan for Joshua to follow, a plan that must have seemed a little strange at first.


1. Answer the following questions from the verses above:

a. Who does Joshua call first and what were they instructed to do?


    b. What were the armed men to do?


    c. Who came after the ark?


    d. Describe your personal impression of verse 10. Why do you think they were not allowed to make any noise with their voices?



For six days in a row, the men arose and marched around the city blowing their trumpets. Today’s verses tell us that the trumpets blew continually. The intensity of the trumpets’ sounds as they marched around Jericho must have un-nerved the city’s inhabitants, bringing great fear and trembling as they could only wait and see what would happen to them.


2. Have you ever found yourself in a place where you feel like you are marching in circles but not sure when the actual walls are going to come down? How do you find comfort in knowing that the Lord has delivered you even if the process seems somewhat repetitious?


3. Compare this situation with 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18.

    a. What are the similarities?


    b. What are the differences?


    c. How do these stories bring us hope as stated in 1 Thessalonians 4:18?


Pray about it: Dear Lord, You are an amazing God whose “ways are not our ways.” I pray that You will help me today to trust in Your ways and to keep marching in obedience to the things You are telling me to do. Help me to know that it is not with my words or expressions that matter but it is all about the power of Your Spirit leading me to go forth.


Week 7 – Day 3

And the seventh time it happened, when the priests blew the trumpets, that Joshua said to the people: “Shout, for the Lord has given you the city!” Joshua 6:16


The story surrounding the city of Jericho is amazing, even after years and years of debating its biblical truth. One such man, John Garstang, a professor at the University of Liverpool, excavated Jericho between 1930 and 1936. Garstang identified a destruction level at the ancient site which he called City IV. He concluded that this was the occupation level which paralleled the city of Joshua’s day, and that the biblical account was accurate. Jericho had fallen to Israel about 1400 B.C. He wrote: “In a word, in all material details and in date the fall of Jericho took place as described in the Biblical narrative” (p. 1222). For several years, scholars generally accepted Garstang’s conclusions (The Saga of Ancient Jericho by Wayne Jackson). But, then along came another archeologist, Kathleen Kenyon, of the British School of Archaeology (daughter of famed archaeologist, Sir Frederic Kenyon) who supervised an expedition at Jericho. Her work was the most thorough and scientific that had been done at this site. However, she concluded that this site could not have existed in Joshua’s day because it had appeared to have been destroyed much earlier. Regardless of man’s opinion concerning the dates, archeological evidence does support that this ancient city was surrounded by walls and that these walls literally came down. There are actual heaps of materials (walls) that appear to have just sunk straight in to the ground. The Bible is truth and God is trustworthy to keep His stories correct.


The Bible also tells us that the walls came down with a shout. Just imagine the fear that already existed with the people in the city. For six straight days, these men arose early in the morning and entered into the city of Jericho. A regiment of armed guards in the front, the priests carrying the ark in the middle, and another regiment bringing up the rear marched around the city, never saying a word, just blowing their trumpets. Then, on the seventh day, they did it again, but not once, but seven times! And, on the seventh time at Joshua’s command, they shouted with their voices…and the walls came down. What an awesome display of God’s power!


We learn a lot from this story and this verse. We learn that God is sovereign and has a plan for all things. We learn that God’s ways are not our ways and that His works seem mysterious at times. We learn to trust Him, obey Him and wait on His timing, despite what we think. We learn that the battle is His, not ours. We may want to use all of our weapons in all of our own strength, but God can strike the enemy with one word. We learn that we serve an awesome God, for He is God alone and there is none other. Let Him take your walls down today. Follow Him, trust Him and obey Him. Stop looking for worldly proof and evidence, just put your faith in His Word and start marching to beat of His drum.


Week 7 – Day 4

The Wall Comes Down                                                                                 

Read Joshua 6:17-21                                                                           


On the seventh day, the men of Israel rose early and went to Jericho. They marched around the city, just as they had done for the past six days. However, on this particular day they marched around the city seven times. On the seventh march, Joshua said, “Shout, for the Lord has given you the city!” (Joshua 6:16)


1. What caused the wall to fall?


2. Describe what happened once the wall of the city came down.


3. What warning was given to the Israelites and why?


4. Why do you think that the Lord required total destruction of this city?


Out of obedience, the Israelites did just as they were told and they witnessed a true miracle from God as the city walls came down with just a shout. Their next step, however, was to completely destroy the city and all that was in it. Sometimes, we may not understand what or why the Lord has us do certain things, but our obedience and trust in Him is always the answer He wants.


5. What does the Lord promise that He will do for us?

    a. Psalm 107:16

    b. Isaiah 45:2-3


6. Discuss a situation in which you acted in obedience to the Lord and literally saw the “walls come down” regarding a specific issue in your life.


Pray about it: I pray Lord for the walls to come down in my heart today. Help me to live obediently to Your will and trust in Your ways. I praise You for Your awesome power.

Week 7 – Day 5
A Promise Kept                                                                                            

Read Joshua 6:22-27                                                                           


In chapter two, the spies who had been hidden by Rahab, the harlot, had promised to protect her and her family if she kept her word and not disclose their whereabouts to the king. She kept her promise to them and now it was their turn to keep theirs to her.


1. Joshua honored the spies promise as he summoned to bring out “the harlot” to safety.

    a. Who did Joshua summon to bring out “the harlot”?


    b. How would they have known she kept her promise? (See Joshua 2:18)


    c. What happened to Rahab in years to come? (see Matthew 1:5)


    d. How did the story of Rahab speak to you personally?


God is so good to us. He can take anything and work it together for the good.  Rahab’s faith brought unbelievable blessings as she was embraced by the Jewish community. Not only was her life spared, but she was the great grandmother of King David. Rahab the harlot is in the lineage of Jesus Christ. God is amazing!


2. What did the Israelites do the city of Jericho?


3. What was Joshua’s final charge to the people concerning Jericho?


The city of Jericho was completely destroyed, burned to the ground, with nothing let but the things that would go to the treasury of the house of the Lord. This destruction seems harsh in comparison to our standards of humanity today, but the Lord had a sovereign purpose for this city’s total annihilation. For God’s people, it was the first step into the promise land.


4. How does the story of Jericho leave an impression on your walk with the Lord?


Pray about it: Dear Lord, as I read Your word and the account of Jericho and Rahab, I stand in awe of Your perfect sovereignty. You are God. You are in control of all things and You know what is best. Your mercy towards Rahab encourages me, for You are a God who keeps Your promises, despite my sins. Help me today to surrender my life to You and to walk in the fear of Your infinite wisdom and power. Thank You for Your holy Word.

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