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20 Things You Didn’t Catch in the Noah’s Ark Bible Story the First Time

20 Things You Didn’t Catch in the Noah’s Ark Bible Story the First Time

The story of Noah’s ark, we’ve all heard it. Noah, his family, and the animals in the ark are an important part of Sunday School lessons. At a young age, I was told the story of Noah and how he gathered animals two by two and put them in the ark. Sunday School teachers used felt boards and shapes to illustrate the story. Books with drawings of Noah, the animals, and the ark were positioned for easy access in the classroom and church library. There were songs with catchy rhymes and fun ways to act out the story. Yes, Noah was special. Yet, there were things about Noah and the Ark that I didn’t learn until I was an adult. Perhaps you already know these things or perhaps you will glean some new information. Either way, Noah was vital to God’s plan.

Noah’s father was Lamech.

Noah was 500 years old when he became the father of Shem, Ham, and Japheth.

Noah was a righteous man, and he was faithful to God. He was not afraid to share his faith.

God spoke to Noah and shared how He would destroy all people and animals because of the actions of humans Genesis 6:7 NIV).

The name Noah means rest.

Noah took his family with him on the ark. This included his wife, three sons, and their wives.

God gave specific instructions for the ark (Genesis 6:14-20 NIV).

God told Noah he would have seven days until the rain came. Then, rain would continue for 40 days and 40 nights.

The water covered the earth for 150 days.

The ark landed on the mountains of Ararat.

What Happens in the Noah’s Ark Bible Story?

The book of Genesis shares the story of Noah and the ark. God saw that the people of the earth had disobeyed and become wicked in their ways. God spoke to Noah and told him how He would destroy the earth and all its inhabitants. God provided a way for Noah and his family to escape. God gave Noah detailed instructions on how to build an ark and what to put in that ark. Scripture says God spoke to Noah. Have you ever considered how that conversation happened? Did God speak to Noah in the morning or the evening? Was Noah shocked? How did Noah feel when he heard the voice of God? Noah “walked” with God, according to Scripture?

Noah followed the will of God. God surely chose Noah because of his dedication and obedience.

God provided instructions. Noah built the ark, filled it with pairs of every kind of animal, and prepared for the flood. Noah instructed his family to enter the ark. Noah’s family listened and followed directions to enter the ark. Inside, they waited for the floodwaters to rise. Rain came and fell on the earth for 40 days and 40 nights. Imagine the sounds of rain hitting the roof for that long period of time. Imagine the sounds and smells inside the ark.

After the rain ceased, the earth was flooded for 150 days.

God then sent wind and the water receded slowly. After a time, Noah was able to open a window and send out a raven. But the bird kept flying back and forth. Next, Noah sent out a dove to see if there was dry land. The dove returned because water continued to cover the earth. Noah waited seven more days and then sent the dove out again. That time, the dove returned with an olive leaf in its mouth. Noah knew the water was leaving. He waited seven more days and sent the dove out again. That time the dove did not return.

The next step was to open the ark and see outside. Imagine the emotions of Noah and the group as they viewed dry land. The ark had come to land on the mountains of Ararat.

God spoke and told Noah that the time had come for every person and animal to leave the ark.

Noah obeyed and after he came out of the ark, he built an altar to the Lord. He sacrificed burnt offerings. God smelled the aroma and promised never again to destroy all living creatures.

God provided more specific instructions to Noah and his family.

Then, God told Noah and his sons that He was establishing a covenant with them and their descendants (Genesis 9:12-17 NIV). A rainbow would appear in the clouds and that would be the sign of the covenant between God and the people. The rainbow would remind the people that God would always remember His promise not to bring a flood to destroy the whole earth.

Today, rainbows continue to remind us of the love and forgiveness of God.

How Old Was Noah When He Built the Ark?

When God told Noah to build the ark, Noah was already married and had a family. According to Scripture, Noah was 500 years old when God gave him the instructions to build the ark. Some scholars say the ark took between 100 and 120 years to build. The ark was not built overnight.

What Is the Message behind Noah’s Ark?

There are many lessons we can learn from Noah and the ark. God was disappointed and angry at the actions of the people back in that time. God can still be disappointed and angry at our actions. However, because of the covenant between God and the people, we can find comfort in knowing God loves us and He will never again destroy the entire earth by flood.

Through Noah’s obedience to God, we are reminded of the importance of being alert for God’s message and following His commandments.

Even if others are disobeying and not following God’s will, we do not have to follow the crowd.

We are also reminded that we have a choice to have faith and trust in God or to rely on ourselves. The choice we make is critical in our faith journey.

10 Fun Facts about Noah’s Ark

Noah was a farmer.

Noah was married, but we don’t know the name of his wife.

God told Noah to include seven pairs of clean animals in the ark and a pair of not clean animals.

Noah, his family, and the animals were in the ark for seven days before the flood came.

Before the flood, humans were only supposed to eat plants and grains.

The water during the flood was so high that the mountains were covered.

The rain stopped when God made a wind blow over the earth.

The covenant between God and the people was the first covenant in the Bible.

The rainbow is the symbol of the covenant between God and the people.

Noah was the first person to plant a vineyard.

Noah was devoted to God. He was considered to be a righteous man by his community. Noah may have faced opposition to his dedication to God. Yet, Noah listened and obeyed God. He did not let other people change his beliefs.

In today’s world, we have the opportunity to share the message of Christ with others. There may be times when we face adversity and opposition when we express our faith. Like Noah, we can stand firm and know that God is with us and will guide us through each moment.

God’s covenant with the people continues today. The next time you see a rainbow in the sky, think of the love God has for His creations.


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