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3 Hopeful Prayers for Lost Things

3 Hopeful Prayers for Lost Things

Misplaced car keys, a missing cell phone. A son that’s turned away from God, or a parent that’s turned to drugs. There are many ways we and the things around us can become lost. Whether intentional or accidental, the results are the same. Confusion. Disarray. Worry. These are but a few words that describe us when the lost feeling sets in.

That’s when we have a choice: search for what was lost or settle for not being found. We may feel the immediate need of finding our car, but do we feel the same urgency for reuniting with God? We may search intensely for a missing cell phone, but do we pray with the same vigor for a lost child?

As Christians, how do we respond to the lost things? How do we respond when we ourselves are lost? We should fall onto our knees and utter a prayer for lost things, a prayer to find or a prayer to be found.

If you or someone you know are experiencing the lost feeling, then keep reading. We will examine Scripture that offers hope in place of feeling lost. This text will remind us that items that have been misplaced can be found, people that have turned away can be redirected. Afterward, we will read 3 ways we can use prayer for lost things to find hope.

Is Prayer for Lost Things Biblical?

There is biblical precedence in prayer for lost things. One popular story appears in a parable told by Jesus - the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32). In this story, a father parented two sons, both of which are adults. Before due time, the younger son asked for his inheritance. The father obliged and divided the estate between his boys, giving each their fair share.

The older brother was responsible with his inheritance and remained at home with his father. The younger brother did the opposite - he left home and squandered the money. This brother found himself lost in multiple ways. He lost his money, found himself isolated in a foreign country, and was without the stability he had at home.

From there the younger son had a choice to make: remain lost or begin searching. He chose the latter, opting to reunite with his father and be restored financially, emotionally, and spiritually (Luke 15:18-19). The father was all too happy to have his son home again. While the son was willing to become nothing more than a hired worker, the father gave his younger son more than what was asked. Why? The father was overjoyed that the son who was lost was finally found.

The father said, “Then bring the fattened calf and slaughter it, and let’s celebrate with a feast, because this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found!” (Luke 15:23-24)

This parable gives us an important lesson--what is lost can be found, people who are lost can be found.

What Does the Bible Tell Us about Finding Lost Things?

One interpretation of this parable suggests that God is the father, and believers are represented by both of the sons. Let’s start with one basic truth - God blesses His children. Examples include God blessing us with spouses, children, work, knowledge, skills, and more. As followers of Christ, we can use those blessings responsibly, living life as God commanded. On the other hand, we can use God’s blessings irresponsibly and live life in a way that conflicts with God’s tenets.

When we are with God, we are found, but apart from Him we become lost.

In order to become found when we are lost, we must follow what the prodigal son did in the aforementioned parable. After he lost what he felt made him powerful and worthy, he admitted defeat. The son humbled himself. After that, he made a plan for fixing his life. That plan involved going back home, telling his father what he was willing to do and following through with his word.

When the son reunited with his father he then sought forgiveness and repentance for what he did wrong. The father was glad to have his son back. Likewise, God is always glad to have us back.

We can take this story and outline four basic steps for finding lost things.

  • Humble Ourselves: We can become lost as a result of an accident, our pride, or incompetence. Regardless of the reason, we have to admit we are lost before we can take steps toward being found.
  • Make a plan: Saying we want to be found is not enough, we have to outline practical steps for ourselves depending on the situation.
  • Seek forgiveness: Part of humbling ourselves is admitting fault where necessary, and where there is fault, there is reason to ask for forgiveness.
  • Repent: In order to avoid becoming lost again, we have to change our character, much like the prodigal son stopped being prodigal after he reunited with his family

These are all helpful steps for being found, but these steps don’t necessarily cover lost items. For people who are lost, when we ourselves are lost, or if something dear to us is lost, the one step we can always take is prayer.

“Therefore I tell you, everything you pray and ask for—believe that you have received it and it will be yours.” (Mark 11:24)

Here are 3 hopeful prayers for lost things.

1. Prayer for Lost Things: Faith

Heavenly Father,

Can you see me? Can you hear me? Am I known to you?

I hope that you can hear this prayer because right now, I’m not so sure. Too often do I speak, but no one listens. Even when I cry out, no one hears. Now, my faith is shaken. My belief is in shambles. How could I have felt so close to you yesterday, but today, struggle to believe? 

Once I had faith, now I have doubt.

Lord, I want to believe. I want to have faith. Please, help my unbelief. Remind me of all your glorious deeds, the ones performed in my own life and those around me. Remind me of your love and care, your provision, your mighty works that I see daily, but ignore.

I know how I feel, God, but how I feel is not the truth. I need you. Though I doubt, I want to trust. Though I struggle, I want to believe. Please, help my unbelief.


2. Prayer for Lost Things: People


I want to say a prayer for all of the lost people, those who have turned away from their faith, their families, their friends. I want to say a prayer for the people who have lost their sense of stability in what is good and have turned to what is bad. I know that we have all played the role of the prodigal son, but just as the son was found, so can we. Please help us to turn away from sin, self-righteousness, from the false beliefs that keep us from clinging to your truth.

We are lost apart from you, but what is lost can be found. Help us to find ourselves. Lord, help us to find you.


3. Prayer for Lost Things: Motivation

Please hear me now, Lord.

You have made your commandments known. You have even called me by name, but Lord, I don’t want to move. I find myself lacking motivation to move forward, to journey on, to live as you have called. Sin is present, convenient, but not what you desire for me.

I ask that you would invigorate my spirit. Give me the drive to push forward with the life you have given me. Give me the strength to overcome the obstacles I face.

I pray that I don’t use the day as an occasion to sin, or to seek self, but rather seek you and your righteousness.

In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

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