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A Parent’s Prayer for Safety at School

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  • Updated Sep 10, 2019
A Parent’s Prayer for Safety at School

Locked doors and lock-down drills bring fresh emotions to the surface during parent-teacher conferences and morning drop-off lines. The realistic worries of a modern parent are the stuff of fictional horror stories. How do we get past the lump in our throats as we say goodbye for the day? Focused prayer allows us to cope with the broad band of threats to our children’s safety without smothering their ability to be a productive part of society. 

1. Pray against physical harm. 

“Always pray and never give up.” (Luke 18:1

Make a daily habit out of praying for their physical protection from cuts, bruises, fist-fights, bike crashes, abduction, abuse, and addiction. The reality of child trafficking should make every parent overly-cautious. The fact that cough meds have to be purchased with an ID is a red flag to parents to be aware. The rampant problem with bullying in this country proves abuse is just as prevalent outside the home. 

2. Pray that school fulfills its purpose - giving your child an education. 

“Learn them.” (Duet. 5:1) 

The most powerful way to pray is by quoting God’s Word, and I believe it’s important to memorize Scripture for that purpose and beyond. In a transcendent way, this verse also illuminates the importance God places on learning. He created a world to discover and knowledge to be attained. Classrooms can be packed and distracting, making it hard for students to focus and teachers to teach. Mandated testing doesn’t always align with a child’s actual capacity of knowledge. 

3. Pray for your child’s influences.

“He is always listening.” (Psalm 34:15b) 

God ears pick up every conversation our kids have. Pray to Him in recognition of what He already knows. When learning is swallowed up by the social scene, academics aren’t the only thing at risk. Our children’s friends’ will eventually have more influence than we do. Tragically, much of what we are praying for here today comes down to friendships and social skills. 

Please pray with me: 


Father, Praise You for the opportunity to be mothers and fathers. You craft each life with importance. Every one equally loved by You, our faithful and loving Father. We know that You have a purpose for each life You draft, and praise You that we get to be a part of that purpose. 

Thank You for every day they hop into the car or off the school bus safely returned to us. The joys of parenthood are as abundant as the worries. We worry about our kids, God. School should be a safe place for them to learn, grow, and foster the friendships You designed us to crave. But the world is broken, and school isn’t safe. There are lock-down drills that send teachers to dark corners to huddle with their students. Bless the teachers that fight back their own fear to risk their lives for our children. 

Schools have been attacked. Gunshots have filled hallways and forever changed the way we feel when we say goodbye to our kids each morning. Be with us as we struggle to maintain composure on the days the depth of reality is too much for us to swallow. 

God, there is a reason You tell us to have faith like that of a child. They are bursting with curiosity and full of love. Protect their innocence and preserve the spark in their eyes from the darkness of the world. Let them be little lights to their parents and teachers. Allow them to grow and have a fair opportunity to learn. 

Father, we confess our worry and our fear to You today. You tell us not to worry, but it is so hard not to cry when we think of what other parents have had to suffer on account of the tragedy we prepare to face everyday. Comfort their hearts in a special way. 

Bless our children and keep them safe from physical harm. Protect them from abuse, abduction, child trafficking, and addiction. Guard their hearts from the devil’s schemes, and protect their minds from things that are not appropriate for their eyes to see and their ears to hear. Bless them with hearts of compassion for their fellow students and teachers. May they be kind on the playground and quiet in the hallways. Protect our children from gossip and bullying. May they know and hear Your voice louder than all the others. 

Godly friends are important, and we pray today that You bless our children with those friends. May their friendships be innocent and light, and may the be filled with kindness, understanding, and compassionate consideration for one another. 

God, it’s hard to let go of our kids, and send them out into a world that is so unstable and so volatile. But You are bigger than all of our worries. You are bigger than our worst fears. Send Your Holy Spirit to quicken in our hearts as we seek You in Your Word and pray to You for comfort. Remind us that our children are Your children, and that You love them infinitely more than we do. You love us, and them, so much that You sent Your Son Jesus to die on a cross. In the most cruel way to die, the Savior of the World hung there for us. For all of us. My we always cling to the cross for our hope, and light the path for our children to, as well. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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Publication date: February 10, 2017