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A Prayer a Day

  • Updated May 15, 2013
A Prayer a Day

Several years ago, my wife and I began praying for each other and for our family on a daily basis. We have made this time in prayer a special time of fellowship and communion together. It has been a most effective source of power and healing in our marriage. Here are some of the benefits we've discovered as a result of years of daily prayer together:

- By praying together, we are obeying God's command.
- Prayer creates unity in our marriage.
- Prayer unites our hearts in mutual concern for our children.
- As we communicate with our Lord, we improve our communication with each other.
- Prayer solidifies our love for each other.
- Uniting our hearts in prayer sets a good example for our children.
- When we pray, we put our marriage into God's hands.

- Prayer solves conflict.
- This daily fellowship enhances our physical intimacy.
- Daily prayer causes us to grow together spiritually.


Prayer has such healing power. It is difficult to remain angry when praying for someone. Prayer erases bitterness and hurt and allows the heart to be open to the love of God. Prayer can change the way we see each other, as we begin to look through Christ's eyes. Prayer can make a difference in the way we treat our children and our relatives. Most of all, prayer honors Christ and makes Him the center of our marriage.

It's scary to begin the process of daily prayer. So many of us want to be able to pray together with our spouse or as a family, but it intimidates us because we are afraid we will say the wrong words and we're sure someone might laugh at our prayer. That's a normal thought and it simply takes some willingness to try (and even to make some mistakes) to understand God loves for us to grow in this area.

I encourage families to begin very simply. It might be that you just hold hands or touch each other on the shoulder as you have a moment of silent prayer. But during that time, share a couple of sentences in prayer. Perhaps you will have quiet moments interspersed with sentence prayers. However you do it, take that first step in praying aloud for each other and for your marriage.

Praying aloud communicates your thoughts and inner feelings in a spiritual way. We are spiritual partners in this world before we are physical partners. The spiritual will always last, but the physical will pass away. As we get that type of view and understanding of our relationships on earth, it gives us God-like thoughts and God-like prayers. I know the very process of initiating this idea and bringing it to life in your home will be intimidating, but I assure you - in the long run - you will be thrilled and thankful that you made the effort to do it.

I remember the words of a couple who shared with me that they started praying together in their late 50's. Though intimidated and scared, it really brought about significant change for their marriage relationship and helped them experience some new intimacies that had never occurred in their home before.

Use these practical suggestions to help you begin praying together:
- Establish a time for prayer. Stick to it.
- Be consistent.
- Read a portion of Scripture or a passage from a devotional book.
- Focus your prayers on a different aspect of family life each day.
- Men, you take the initiative to maintain this prayer time.

I want you to experience that type of joy in your marriage and family relationships. So go for it! Share a prayer a day.