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A Valentine Prayer Letter: Husband to Wife

A Valentine Prayer Letter: Husband to Wife

Do you pray for your wife? What better time than Valentine’s Day to let her know that you are praying for her and what you are praying. It could be one of the best Valentine gifts you could ever offer her. Make your prayer letter personal, but here are some suggestions of how you might pray for your wife. (Click here for the wife-to-husband version of this article).


Dear ______,

This year on Valentine’s Day I want you to know not only how much I love you, but how much I’m praying for you. And this year, I’m making my prayers part of my gift to you.

I’m praying for God to make you a woman after His own heart—a woman who loves the Lord with all your heart, soul, and mind, and others as yourself. I’m praying that you will understand how deep God’s love is for you, and that you will feel security as a woman of great value and worth. I’m asking God to guard your mind against thoughts that would tell you otherwise. I’m praying He will let you know in personal and tender ways what a good and great Heavenly Father He is, and that He is always looking out for your own best interests.

I’m praying that the concerns of your heart will be light, and that you will never hesitate to share the deep needs of your life with your family and with the Lord, who invites you to come boldly to His throne. I pray you will cast every care on Him, assured that He hears and answers your prayers. I’m praying that you will grow in wisdom daily, and that God will bless you richly as a wife, a mother, and in all areas of your life. I am praying that Jesus will always feel at home in your heart as you give Him first place.

I’m praying that the things that matter to God will matter to you, and that His desires will become your desires as well. I’m praying that your friendships will be sweet and encouraging, and that God will give you discernment in every relationship so that it honors Him. I’m asking God to help you rest in the shadow of the Almighty, as you live in the shelter of the most High. I’m praying not only for God’s protection in every area, but that you would feel His protective arms about you everywhere you go.

I’m asking God to bless you as a woman of strength who understands how much your work, your gifts, and your influence make a difference to those around you—including me and our family. I’m praying you will resist Satan’s attempts to devalue you or to make you doubt your faith or God’s great work in your life. I’m praying that your heart will always remain gentle and tender, open to God’s leading and direction. I’m asking God to show you that His power works best in weakness, and that His amazing grace is all you need to get you through anything. I’m praying that all your expectations will be met in Jesus, and that you will be gentle with yourself, not expecting more from yourself than God does.

I’m asking God to give you great faith to believe the impossible and to do the incredible. I’m praying that He will fill you with a boldness that will push out any fear and help you to face the future with confidence and assurance in God’s faithfulness. I’m praying God will make your testimony strong and fill you with the desire to share His love wherever He asks you to do so. Whether as a woman, a mom, or a wife, may you sense the hand of God in every prayer you pray and in every word you speak.

I’m praying you will cling to God’s Word for comfort, teaching, and help for every area of your life. I’m praying for laughter to decorate your heart, for joy to fill your spirit, for kindness to characterize your life, and that God’s purpose for you will be clear to you all the days of your life. I pray that you will always be a godly model for your family and that a deep, deep love for Jesus will motivate your every action and attitude.

As a wife and a mother you are loved more than you know, and I’m praying that God will impress that on your heart, even as I speak these words to you. May you know not only how much I love you, but how much more you are loved by God.

You are God’s valentine to me, and it is my highest joy and privilege to pray for you daily. This is my gift and commitment to you. May the Lord bless you and keep you, make His face to shine on you, be gracious to you, turn His face toward you, and give you peace.

With Grateful Love and Tenderness,


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