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Cultivate a Lifestyle of Worship in 2018

Cultivate a Lifestyle of Worship in 2018

"Whatever the issue in your life is, the key is to worship a holy God who created you and knows everything about you - your failures, shortcomings, insecurities, besetting sins and fears. He sits on His throne, omniscient, and says something like this: 'I know your final destination, and I know how to get you from where you are now to where I want you to be. I know why I created you. If you'll worship Me, I will visit with you. I can tell you how to get untangled from the snares in your path and how to move forward. I can even reveal to you things to come that are pertinent to your life and world.'" Chuck Pierce and John Dickson
Dear intercessor,

As we start this New Year, we need to enter into deeper levels of worship both personally and corporately. It is only as we ascend to the throne room in worship, that we can descend back into the harvest field here on earth and pray for victory in every area of life. When you and I come boldly to God's throne in worship, He gives us His plans and strategies for our lives here on earth. There is no way that we can walk in His peace, power and perfect plan without a lifestyle of worship.

God wants us to rise up. To ascend is to arise, come up, increase, recover and restore. He knows what He is doing here on earth. He can make sense of things that are happening and can show us the way through challenges. He can give us keys during our seasons of worship that unlock the path before us, and bring glory into our situations here on earth. It's time to devote ourselves to a greater worship of God in 2018.

Worship changes our lives and how we see our circumstances. It is truly amazing to see life from God's point of view instead of our own. I remember living as a missionary on a mission's ship. At sea I would feel seasick, and some voyages from country to country could be quite long or very stormy. My solution was to walk out on deck and begin to worship God as I gazed at the ocean. After an hour on deck worshipping God, my situation would seem very different, and I would even feel better physically.

Worship is the key to life. We are entering turbulent waters that are becoming stronger all over the world. We must lay hold of this reality so that each one of us may stand firm, hold steady, and pray fervently as the days unfold before us. There is no storm that Jesus will not be able to conquer. In the midst of resistance, if we worship Him, we shall see His victory. He can break through any obstacle when we make worship our lifestyle.

"Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth. Sing to the Lord, praise his name; proclaim his salvation day after day. Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples" (Psalm 96:1-3).

God Loves Persevering Worship

"The heart of God loves a persevering worshipper, who though overwhelmed by many troubles, is overwhelmed even more by the beauty of God." Matt Redman

God does amazing things when we learn to persevere in prayer. Here is a wonderful testimony by a man named John Dickson who operated a Christian bookstore that went through a financial crisis:

"Sometimes we just have to tell our soul what to do. Our soul does not always feel like praising God. As I praised Him as an act of my will, my spirit began to awaken inside me. As my soul began to line up with my proclamations, a flow of anointing began to be released. The oppressive cloud would lift, and the presence of God would come into my store. Over time my business turned around, and I knew it was not because of my keen business… It was the Lord. He turned my business around because I praised Him in the hard place."

Are you overwhelmed by the troubles of life and your circumstances? Then worship God with all your heart. Be radical in praise and watch the enemy flee. As you press through the heaviness, a transformation will take place. You will begin to see the beauty and greatness of God. Your faith will rise up. Your spirit will begin to sing. But you must take the first step. Open your mouth and begin. He can turn any darkness into light. Notice the transformation that took place as John began to praise God right in the midst of a crisis. God brought victory.

"When things are wonderful, we praise Him. When things are horrible, we praise Him. Whether we are happy or sad or terrified or bored, we are determined to offer to God our sacrifice of praise. Everything in us should give praise to the Lord." Chuck Pierce and John Dickson

A Prayer for a Lifestyle of Worship

Lord, I choose to praise and worship You today. You know how to break through the difficulties in my life. I choose not to be overwhelmed with circumstances, but instead I choose to behold your beauty and greatness. You are my victorious God. I will praise Your name and proclaim Your salvation day after day. I will declare Your glory among the nations, Your marvelous deeds among all peoples (Psalm 96:1-3). I will sing to the Lord a new song in 2018.

Teach me to ascend to Your throne room in worship and then descend back into the harvest field here on earth, praying and warring for victory in every area of life. Help me to have a lifestyle of worship, thanking You in every situation. I believe that worshipping You is a key to breakthrough in every area of my life. I believe in the power of worshipping You. I know that Your truth dwells in a worshipping heart. I offer You a sacrifice of praise right now. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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May you have a blessed New Year as you cultivate a lifestyle of worship and intimacy with God.

Together in the Harvest,
Debbie Przybylski
Intercessors Arise International
International House of Prayer Kansas City (IHOPKC)