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Inspiring Fourth of July Prayers to Celebrate Our Independence and Pray for America

Inspiring Fourth of July Prayers to Celebrate Our Independence and Pray for America

As you celebrate Independence Day this year with cook-outs and fireworks, take some time to thank God for the freedom we have. This collection of prayers for the Fourth of July are focused on celebrating our freedom, thanking those who have served in our military, and praying for our nation. 

As Christians, we can thank God for both physical and spiritual freedom made available through Jesus Christ. Let us use this holiday to remember the true freedom that we can experience. As you enjoy the festivities of the 4th of July and celebrate our nation's freedom, say a prayer of thanks to God for the freedom from sin He has given you and for the new life we have in Him - for today and eternity. Share these prayers with your family and friends as you gather to celebrate the holiday.

A Fourth of July Prayer for Our Nation

Sovereign Lord, I lift up our nation to You. You have blessed us and established us since the beginning. You have been our shield and our covering of protection. You have made us a great nation on this earth.

Our forefathers honored You on historical documents, solemn oaths and in courtrooms. Songs have been written proclaiming Your glory in our beautiful land. Your precepts have been the very foundation this country was built on. You have been our might, our justice, our freedom and our victory. 

We bow our knees and our hearts in thanksgiving to You for preserving us. We also bow with contrite hearts for not giving You the honor and praise You are due. For not walking in Your ways. Forgive us, Lord. Have mercy on us, most merciful Father. We have sinned, committed iniquity, acted wickedly, and rebelled, even turning aside from Your commandments and ordinances. (Daniel 9:5)

I lift up all who are in office in this country, all who are in positions of authority, and pray that You would protect them  and give them wisdom, knowledge and acute discernment for the jobs that they hold. I lift up our military, our intelligence agencies and all who are in law enforcement and pray Your protection over them. Establish their steps, Lord. Strengthen them and equip them. Bless them and their families.

Father, You alone are our hope and our future. Turn the hearts of Americans toward You.  In Jesus' name, Amen. (by Lyn Cooke)

Patriot's Prayer

Thank You, Lord, for the men and women who gave their lives for the freedom of the republic in which we live today. Help me to be as bold and brave as they were when it is my turn to protect this land.

Prayer For a Strong Nation

Thank you that in our nation today, we are free to worship. We are free to pray. We are free to read your Word.  We are free to speak.  We are free to share. For this, we are incredibly grateful. Yet, we understand how quickly these freedoms can be taken away. Give us an increased awareness of the spiritual battle we’re in. Help us to stand strong in you and for your purposes.

Thank you that as believers, we can be assured, you will never leave us, and are with us always, in this life, and the next.

Thank you for your truth that says, who the Son sets free is free indeed! We know that in you alone, true freedom is found. In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen. (by Debbie McDaniel)

A Prayer for America

Dear God, Thank you for your great power.  We praise you for your Truth.  We’re grateful that you have set us free from the clutching grasp of sin and death.

Would you be with your people, extending your grace, granting your freedom, providing your protection, and empowering with your strength.  We ask that you'd bring about an awakening of your presence as never seen before.  We ask that your Name be proclaimed, that all plans to silence the Name of Jesus would be thwarted and crushed.

We pray that many would come to know you as Lord and Savior, we pray that many would see your Light, that you would open blind eyes and release those still imprisoned. 

We pray that you would unify your people for the glory of your Name, that all who call themselves Christians would rise up, believing your great Truth.

Wake us up Lord! Remind us to live aware, to redeem the time, to listen to your words, to be willing to make a difference in this land.

We pray for all those in authority, that you would give them your wisdom and discernment as they lead. We ask that you would appoint strong, faithful men and women to serve this nation and our people. 

We pray for your great healing on our land. Shine your face on us dear God. We need you now, more than ever before. Our times are in your hands.

Thank you that you are rich in mercy and full of grace. Thank you that you are forgiving and merciful. Thank you that you are strong and mighty. Thank you that you are for us and that you fight for us still today.

Bring honor to your Name, Oh Lord, for You alone are worthy. In the Powerful Name of Jesus we pray, Amen. (by Debbie McDaniel)

A Prayer That God's Will May Be Done in Our Nation

Lord… remind us today that You have shown us what is good in what You require of us; to do justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with our God. We ask that as a people, we may humble ourselves before You and seek Your will for our lives and for this great nation. Help us in our nation to work as never before to strengthen our families and to give our children hope and a moral foundation for the future. So may our desire be to serve You, and in so doing, serve one another. This we pray in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. (by Billy Graham)

Thank You for Our Freedom

Thank you, Lord, for the privilege of living in this great country where we have freedom to openly worship you. May we never take that privilege for granted, but always guard it and treasure it. May we not live in apathy to you, but live in awe of your love and forgiveness freely poured out for us. Allow our light to shine brightly as our hearts turn to you. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen. (by Dena Johnson)

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