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Prayers for Haiti: UPDATED for the Earthquake and as They Grieve the Death of Jovenel Moïse

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  • Updated Aug 16, 2021
Prayers for Haiti: UPDATED for the Earthquake and as They Grieve the Death of Jovenel Moïse

Update July 14, 2021: 

Haiti has also recently been devasted by a magnitude 7.2 Earthquake on Saturday morning, August 14. As of Saturday, it has claimed the lives of nearly 1300 people, and the numbers continue to rise. Join us now as we pray for Haiti also as they recover and grieve this devasting natural disaster that has befallen the country.

A Prayer for Haiti, as it Recovers from the Earthquake

Heavenly Father, we lift up to you the families who have lost loved ones and friends to the devasting earthquake in Haiti this past Saturday. We know that natural disasters are a sign that we live in a fallen world, but that does not make them any less painful or devastating. We pray for the first responders and for those who search for survivors in the aftermath. May the men, women, children, and elderly affected by this earthquake receive comfort, peace, and healing from you. God, Haiti has been devastated back to back. Please be with the people of this country as they mourn and recover from so many recent disasters. Amen.

The world is grieved as we hear of the assassination of Haiti's President Jovenel Moïse. His life was taken from him in the early hours of today July 7, 2021, at his private residence. His wife Martine Moïse was also shot in the attack, according to The New York Times.

According to the same article, “'A group of unidentified individuals, some of them speaking Spanish, attacked the private residence of the president of the republic and thus fatally wounded the head of state,'” the prime minister said, but there was little solid information about who might have carried out the assassination."

According to the Washington Post, "The Caribbean nation (Haiti) of 11 million has been seized by months of escalating political instability and rising gang violence. Moïse, 53, dissolved parliament in January 2020 and ruled by decree as opponents and protesters demanded that he step down." News sources are still uncertain as to which group led the attack on the President, as no group has stepped forward yet.

However, we do know what language the group spoke. According to Christian Headlines, "In a Wednesday statement, Interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph confirmed the assassination, calling it a "heinous, inhuman and barbaric act." Joseph added that the gunmen are believed to be "foreigners who spoke English and Spanish." Creole and French are Haiti's official languages."

Christians around the world can only imagine the fear our brothers and sisters in Christ in Haiti may be experiencing, as well as the pain and loss the Moïse family is experiencing at this moment. Together we grieve, we comfort, and we lift up the country of Haiti to the Lord 

Below are some prayers for the Moïse family and for the country.

A Prayer for the Moïse Family

Lord Jesus, you are close to the brokenhearted. As this situation unfolds, we pray for the Moïse family. We can only imagine the grief in their hearts to have someone so loved taken from them. We pray for Martine's treatment and healing and recovery, and that you bring this family comfort and encouragement in the days to come. Jesus, sometimes there are no words to express the grief we feel. We only know that you are a God of justice and of mercy and that when we hurt, you hurt as well. Amen.

A Prayer for Haiti as They Experience This National Tragedy

Heavenly Father, I can only imagine the fear that many of my brothers and sisters in Christ are feeling in Haiti right now. They may be listening closely to the radio to the news for updates and are likely lifting up prayers to you know for comfort and guidance. I ask that you can bring them peace in the uncertainty. Remind them that you are always with them, even in the darkest valley. Show us how we can be of aid to our brothers and sisters in Haiti now, not only through our prayers, but through our actions as well. Amen.

A Prayer for the Uncertainty of the Situation

Lord, whenever a tragic situation befalls a nation, it can often take a while for all the details to unfold. We pray that those who are facing uncertainty now may cling to you. For you are our hope, our healer, our provider. Give people a peace that passes understanding, and allow clarity and light to come to the situation soon. Amen.

A Prayer for Justice and Peace

Jesus, so much pain has befallen the country of Haiti. We know that you are both a God of mercy and a God of justice. We ask that you be present in this situation and that you exercise your judgment on these heinous acts that have taken place. Amen. 

A Prayer for Haiti that It May Grow in the Gospel

Lord Jesus, make Haiti new, a land where Gospel seeds are planted and Godly fruit grows into an abundant harvest. And make us new, each and every day of our lives, so that we will abide in You, for Your glory and our joy.

Chris Tomlinson

As details about the situation continue to unravel, let us keep the Moïse family and the nation of Haiti in our prayers. Heinous acts such as these can shake us to our core and make us fearful. But during these moments, we must remember to cling to the Lord and to lift up those who are hurting and scared. 

Photo credit: ©GettyImages/Derek Brumby

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