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7 Quick Prayers for Our Law Enforcement

7 Quick Prayers for Our Law Enforcement

Laws are boundaries and guidelines that, when followed, keep people safe. The law shows us that there are consequences to things we might want to do. They point us away from wrongdoing so we can live righteously. Laws are meaningless unless they are enforced. The Bible references judges, watchmen, and guards. In the same way, we have policemen to watch over us and keep us safe. Men and women choose to be trained to enforce laws and keep our lives peaceful.

There is a police officer’s creed that speaks of their duty to serve people and to keep lives and property safe. They protect the innocent and fight deception. They seek to bring peace in violent situations. Policemen risk their own lives for the safety of others. Police work is a very noble profession. After all, greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends (John 15:13).

Why Is it Important to Say a Law Enforcement Prayer?

Romans 13 gives us some compelling reasons to pray for law enforcement. They are an earthly governing authority, but their authority comes from God. God is the ultimate judge, but people on earth are set up to try to stop wrongdoing from happening. If we submit to law enforcement, we avoid punishment. But even more important than that, we keep our consciences clean before man and God as we walk uprightly.

Police officers are honored when we make their job easier by doing right instead of wrong. As Christians, we should make every effort not to indulge in sinful, evil desires even when those desires may feel right for a brief time. Evil can feel right in the moment. Therefore, some people indulge in it. So, we need law enforcement officers to help protect against this evil and uphold the law.

7 Quick Law Enforcement Prayers

When you see police officers or when you hear a police siren, take a moment to pray for their safety, as well as for justice to prevail. You can also pray these short prayers regularly and often. Here are 7 law enforcement prayers:

1. Dear Lord, please protect the law enforcement officers that protect and serve us. Help them to walk through their communities with honor so that they can keep the peace. Help them to be humble and honest as they perform their duties. Amen.

2. Dear Lord, guide these police officers to serve with courage and power, as well as self-control and discernment. Help them to capture wrongdoers so that their victims will receive justice. Help them to be as bold as lions, but also have a love for the people they serve so that their minds are not fogged up by personal prejudices. Amen.

3. Dear Lord, help these men and women of law enforcement to look to You for their strength and power. Protect them so that they can stand up against evil schemes. Remind them that they stand for truth, justice, righteousness, and peace. Give them the faith to know that You are helping them as they live out the honorable occupation of law enforcement. Amen.

4. Dear Lord, remind these officers of the law that they are blessed peacemakers and when they call on the name of the Lord, they will also be sons and daughters of God. Help them to know that You will help them in their work, give them rest for their souls, and offer them strength for their journey. Amen.

5. Dear Lord, help these law enforcement officers to realize that they are imitating Your love when they risk their lives to help others. Remind them that there is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for their friends. Amen.

6. Dear Lord, bring these officers much joy when they witness justice being done. They are doing a good thing. They are protecting the weak and the needy from the hands of evildoers. Let the victims of crimes show much gratitude to the officers that helped them. Amen.

7. Dear Lord, I pray for law enforcement officers’ families. There are times when they are waiting at home in anguish wondering if their loved one will return from a dangerous mission. Calm their hearts and minds as they wait at home. Amen.

Use these prayers as a guideline and reminder of what law enforcement officers do to serve our communities every day. Personalize them. Pray for their safety, courage, and discernment. 

What We Can Do to Serve Law Enforcement Alongside Prayer

Prayer is a beautiful way to help these men and women. However, we can also help our law enforcement officers in other ways.

1. Buy them a cup of coffee when you see them in one place for a long time.

2. If you see them in a restaurant, pay for their meal.

3. If a police officer lives near you, offer to help their family if the officer is away on duty for a long time.

4. Thank them for their service.

5. Smile at them.

6. Donate to a police benevolent fund in your local area.

7. Look for stories about cops that have gone the extra mile to help people. There’s a lot of good stories out there. For every story of a cop behaving badly, there are many where they have helped immensely.


In our world, it is big news when a cop does wrong or makes a mistake. Rumors swirl all around them. Of course, they should be punished if they do wrong purposefully. But so many police officers are good people that work hard to keep us safe and deserve our prayers for the danger they put themselves in.

Sometimes all we hear on the news are the stories about bad or corrupt police. Try to remember that so many of our police officers aren’t anything like that. Look up stories of “good cops” or “good police officers” and read the stories of the many ways these people have laid their lives on the line for others and have gone beyond their call of duty. Then, lift up a law enforcement prayer for them and thank God for these brave men and women. They help people like you and me live a more peaceful life here on earth.

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