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Send Up This Quick Prayer before Your Job Interview

Send Up This Quick Prayer before Your Job Interview

Prayer should always be a part of our work. It doesn’t matter if we have a part-time job, full-time job, are self-employed or are looking for work. We should always ask the Lord to give us direction. I am a freelance writer and with every job I apply for, before sending a pitch, I always say, “Lord, if this job is meant to be mine, please let it come to pass.” Then I hit send and let it go. I always trust Him to bring me the right clients.

We should be asking the Lord for guidance in our jobs every day. We work with all kinds of people and you never know what God may be nudging you to do. If you are looking for work and have an interview, ask for the Lord’s help with that too. He wants to help us with every aspect of our work lives.

A Prayer for Your Job Interview

“Dear Lord,

I thank you for the job opportunities that have come my way and praise You for your provision. I pray that this interview will go smoothly, please reach inside me and still my spirit and nerves. Help me to showcase my unique talents and experience when I answer the questions asked.

I pray that I will have your favor among the other applicants if this job is meant for me. Even if this job interview doesn’t work out, I’m still trusting you to provide the right job for me. You are my provider and you know what I need more than I do. In your name I pray. Amen.”

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What Does the Bible Say About Work?

The Bible has a lot to say about work. Colossians 3:23 says, “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you are working for the Lord rather than people.” This means that we aren’t supposed to complain and grumble about our work, rather do it cheerfully and joyfully. We are to work as if the Lord is our boss.

Genesis 2:2 says, “On the seventh day God has finished his work of creation, so he rested from all his work.” Therefore, we should rest on the seventh day of the week as well. This can seem impossible in the crazy, get ahead, work obsessed culture we live in. However, this is one of God’s rules and we should obey to the best of our abilities. If you work on Sunday, make sure the rest of your day is spent resting.

10 Bible Verses About Work

1. “And God blessed the seventh day and called it holy, because it was the day he rested from all his work of creation.” -Genesis 2:3 (NLT)

2. “No longer will the ground yield good crops for you, no matter how hard you work! From now on you will be a homeless wanderer on earth.” -Genesis 4:12

3.  Lamech named his son Noah, for he said, “May he bring us relief from our work and the painful labor of farming this ground that the Lord has cursed.” -Genesis 5:29 (NLT)

4.  Laban said to him, “You shouldn’t work for me without pay just because we are relatives. Tell me how much your wages should be.” -Genesis 29:15

5.  Since Jacob was in love with Rachel he told her father, “I’ll work for you for seven years if you will give me Rachel, your younger daughter, as my wife.” -Genesis 29:18

6. So Jacob worked for seven years to pay for Rachel. But his love for her was so strong it seemed to him but a few days. -Genesis 29:20

7.  The one who plants and the one who waters work together with the same purpose. And both will be rewarded for their own hard work. -1 Corinthians 3:8

8.  Then make me happy by agreeing wholeheartedly with each other, loving one another, and working together with one mind and purpose. -Philippians 2:2

9. “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than people.” -Colossians 3:23

10.  The seventh day of the festival will be another official day for holy assembly, and no ordinary work may be done on that day. -Numbers 28:25

Why Should We Pray for Our Jobs?

There are many reasons that we should pray for our jobs. Companies close and layoff people every day, so it’s important to pray for God’s provision before something happens. We deal with all kinds of people in our jobs, so we should ask God to give us patience and also for us to have discernment if we are supposed to do something for someone or witness to them.

As we are getting ready to apply for a job or go to an interview, we should pray for God’s will and let it go. Also, we live in a fallen world and praying for protection for ourselves and our bosses and coworkers while on the job is critical, too.

Tips for a Job Interview

Job interviews are nerve wracking. It doesn’t matter if it’s in person, on the phone, or a video chat. I always get butterflies, especially because I express myself better through writing than I do verbally. Here are my interview tips.

1. Review the job ad again if you can. Sometimes when I’m applying to many jobs, especially ones that are similar, I have to refresh my memory about what the company wants and what’s required. That way, you can base your answers specifically around what the company is looking for.

2. Dress professionally. This sounds obvious, but it is often overlooked. Even though I work from home as a writer, I always have a nice shirt on, and my hair and makeup done.

3. Take a deep breath and relax.

4. Send up a quick prayer in the minutes before and trust God from there.

Searching for a job and interviewing is difficult. If you keep the above tips in mind, send up a prayer and let it go from there you should do great. No matter what happens, don’t lose hope, God will bring you the perfect job in His perfect timing.

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