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God, Why Can't I Find You?

God, Why Can't I Find You?

"Hiddenness. God hides for a reason - so that He can develop you on the inside and train you to see with the eyes of faith. In manifestation, you can already see what God is doing. In hiddenness, you learn to look inward and recognize that God is still at work, relying purely on your faith." Graham Cooke

Most of us don't fully appreciate the times when God seems absent. We ask, "God, why can't I find you?" We think we did something wrong or that God doesn't care about us. We don't fully grasp the true blessedness of this time. We always want God to manifest Himself to us. We want to experience and feel His presence. We want to feel good. We don't like walking by faith instead of by sight.

If we don't understand these times, we may miss out on all that God wants to do internally. This is God's training ground. Understand that this is the time when God wants to teach you wisdom in the hidden place.

God is right now raising up strong and consistent intercessors who know how to pray whether He appears absent or present. They will not be shaken or faithless when He is hidden from their sight. They will know in their spirit that He is always there. They will take advantage of these times to grasp hold of wisdom in the inmost place.  They know that in times of hiddenness they are able to process deep truth.

"Surely you desire truth in the inner parts; you teach me wisdom in the inmost place" (Psalm 51:6). 

This is a 7-minute teaching that will help you to understand times when God seems hidden or far away in your life. It is called: God, Why Can't I Find You?

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This is from the Intercessors Arise International School of Prayer. 

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