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'MythBusters': Christianity Edition

  • Eric Hogue
  • Updated Jan 02, 2008
'MythBusters': Christianity Edition
Have you ever watched TLC's program called "MythBusters"?

It's an interesting show that features a group of men and women who set out to disprove, or prove, a accepted societal belief. It makes for great TV, and for great thought. How much do we believe to be true, is nothing more than a myth?

While watching Myth Busters via TiVo this weekend (I love technology), I stumbled upon a simple thought; As Christians, how many "myths" do we hold as "truths" in Graceland?

For many who have been raised inside of the church, we have adopted certain beliefs that are simply not true -  just myths.

In order to delete some of these myths, I offer the first thread in what could be a series of "Myth Busters for Graceland".

God doesn't hate me, He actually likes me.

No more formulas for the Christian life, just a real relationship with Jesus.

Knowing the Bible is not knowing Jesus' love and grace personally.

We shouldn't despise people who call themselves 'spiritual', they are hearing the voice of an unknown Father.

Prayer is a easy constant, not just a set aside segment of time.

If you are to preach to people, you need to die to the need to preach to people.

We are to be like Jesus, not religion.

The 'sinner's prayer' is not in the Bible.

The light of Jesus is authentic exposure in full grace.

God cannot love you anymore than He does right now.

You cannot make God love you more.

You cannot take God with you, He is already there.

Our neighbor is every human in today's culture, period.

Born again; redirecting your faith from yourself into Jesus.

We are best described as filthy, perverted, self-centered, sinful ragamuffins.

You do not have to go to church to be a Christian.

God choses to 'not' answer most of our prayers; we should thank Him.

God answer's prayers we would never think to pray.

Jesus is not a Republican, nor is He a Democrat, He's independent of politics.

There is no salvation in politics; nobody comes to faith by laws, government or a political majorities.

Neither political party is 100% accurate; not even close.

God is not American, and He is not obligated to bless American.

Homosexuals are loved by God, desired by Jesus and to be loved by Christians.

Today's Homosexual is yesterday's Samaritan.

Abortion is murder; so is gossip and slander.

A 'gay gene' is possible; if found it doesn't change my doctrine or sin's harmful truth for all of us.

Sin doesn't draw God's anger, it grieves Him.

Denominations are not necessary, they are traditional systems past their prime.

A 'miracle' doesn't happen every day, or every time we pray - if so it would be called a 'usual'.

You can't be un-joy, you either have joy, or you don't.

Faith is a complete gift, you can't grow it on your own.

You can keep the "10", by doing the "2".

Self-righteousness is an oxymoron.

People like Jesus, they don't like the church.

Creeds are created for the deeds, not our divisions.

A sermon should be a short, powerful burst of love to the culture.

Eric Hogue was the 2004 recipient of the Andy Anderson Award as Salem Communications' 'Talk Show Host of the Year'. Hogue is a former Pastor, veteran husband, a 'learning' father, and the common man's Christian. He is also credited with starting the 2003 re-call of California Governor Gray Davis. The Eric Hogue Show is heard weekday afternoons at 5 on The Spirit of the Bay, AM 1100 KFAX and AM 710 KFIA.

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