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Pat Robertson Speaks Out on Ten Commandments

  • Robert Wayne Contributing Writer
  • 2004 5 Apr
Pat Robertson Speaks Out on Ten Commandments

Pat Robertson sees a reverse revolution taking place in the United States that is unlike anything the world has experienced.


Typically throughout history, whether in France, Russia or even in colonial America, the populace has risen up against the elite class, not the other way around.


Not this time. Now it's the Christian majority who are feeling the heat from what Robertson calls a liberal vendetta against Christianity.


"Ours is the only society in history where the elites have turned against the prevailing culture," he said during a recent interview . "The intellectual elites, the think tanks, universities and big foundations have turned against God and Christianity."


Exhibit A in this trial against Christian culture is the recent assault against the Ten Commandments, said Robertson, a religious leader with a law degree who presents his case in his new book, The Ten Offenses.


The author lays out how a minority in this country have taken what God meant for blessing and turned into a list of 10 punishments, to the point that the Ten Commandments are being removed from government sites and public places one stone tablet at a time.


Whereas some Christian leaders focus much of their ridicule on the media, Robertson takes a different tact. Make no mistake, he still blames the media for much of what is wrong with the western world, but the real bad guys - and gals - sit in five mighty seats in Washington D.C.


They don't wear black hats, but black robes.


"The guilty party in all this, No. 1 among several, would be the federal judiciary," he said, pinpointing his attack on the Supreme Court. "They have led the charge and it's shameful what they have done."


Robertson railed against a number of Supreme Court justices who he thinks bring a left-of-center agenda to the bench.


"We just need to get three different (justices) in there and then we just reverse all of it," he said, referring to court decisions that have favored a liberal outline. "A couple of these justices have got to retire."


And when they do, Robertson prays that a conservative president - specifically George W. Bush - is there to fill the openings with conservative replacements.


Robertson's wrath, however, is not limited to the judicial branch of government. He also blames Congress for allowing the courts to take control of the country.


"The constitution intended for the legislature to have the largest share of power in the federal government, and the legislature has abdicated its role," he said.


In essence, Congress has authority to strip the Supreme Court of excessive power, but hasn't done it, much to Robertson's dismay. The Chairman of the Christian Broadcasting Network considers conservative control of the culture as being central to the survival of the country.


He bristles at those who contend that Christians do more harm than any other group by insisting on bringing their beliefs into such places as schools and government meetings.


"America was founded as a Christian nation, and it is the Christians who have given unprecedented freedom to groups from other cultures," Robertson said. "We've opened the doors to Jews, Muslims, etc. That is the essence of Christianity. If we lose the understanding of God and the Bible, we'll descend into chaos."


Exhibit B. - the American Civil Liberties Union.


"The ACLU has organized posses to try to discover these things," he said, explaining how the organization is trying to uncover every government agency that posts the Ten Commandments. "It's appalling in a Christian country to have this going on," he said.


Robertson thinks the Ten Commandments can be a catalyst to help people unite the country.


"Jews and Christians agree that this is a foundational part of our common law and government morality," he said. "And the assault on these commandments goes to the heart of what we believe. If Christian people would just get agitated and mad, but we're too comfortable. We see our liberties going, but are not willing to stand and fight for them."


Instead, Christians have largely fallen prey to political correctness and moral tolerance, he said.


"So we're at the point where parking in a handicapped space is awful, but premarital sex is cool, no problem," he said.


Whether the country is won or lost comes down to one question, Robertson said. When will Christians be willing to rise up in a revolution of their own?


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