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Sunday School Lesson: Play Ball!

  • Updated Aug 05, 2019
Sunday School Lesson: Play Ball!

Sunday School Lesson Introduction: Play Ball!

One of the best things about spring and summer is that baseball season is back. I'll bet some of you watch baseball on television, or maybe you even get to go to the game. In fact, I'll bet some of you will even be playing baseball this summer!

Have you ever taken a baseball bat up to home plate, watched that pitcher throw the ball and swung that bat to hit it? That's my favorite part of playing baseball – getting to hit the ball.

But when you're first learning to play baseball, getting up to bat can be awfully scary. That's because you're just learning to hit, and you're afraid if you don't do well people won't want you on the team, and you're afraid you'll let down your teammates. Being a hitter can be scary.

But do you know something? The very best baseball player in the major leagues was once just like that – starting out, scared of messing up, afraid of letting down his team. How did those star players get so good at baseball? They practiced. They kept at it. They didn't let their fear get in the way of what they wanted to do. So even though they were scared, they kept working and trying and learning.

Sunday School Lesson Conclusion

That's the way it is in many things in life. Even though our parents or teachers are helping us, we may still be scared, afraid that we can't do it. But with the help of parents and teachers and others who love us – and with the help of God who cares for us and gives us the strength and courage we need – we can accomplish many things. 

Photo credit: Unsplash/Matthew T Rader