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Street-Smart Christians

  • Steve Brown Key Life Radio Host and Bible Teacher
  • Published Dec 31, 2001
Street-Smart Christians
We’re called to be street-smart Christians. Jesus said, "Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and innocent as doves" (Matthew 10:16). The smartest, the sharpest and the most street-smart people in the world ought to be Christians. If we aren’t, it’s simply because we haven’t been instructed. So, let’s study a lesson in evil, Satan and the fallen world.

Evil’s position is always uncomfortable. Guilt is God’s methodology for keeping you from becoming more guilty. That is the nature of evil--It becomes an instrument in the hands of God for His people. Guilt drives the Christian to obedience. The fact is, Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and there is no way to get to the Father except through Him. Don’t be surprised or mad at the world’s anger. You don’t get mad at a fish because he swims. It’s simply his nature.

Evil’s hatred is unified. The world is hardly unified about anything, except in its hatred of us. A street-smart Christian knows that the forces of evil may hate one another (evil makes strange bedfellows), but they hate us and what we stand for even more.

Evil’s nature is underhanded. I’m not big on conspiracy theories (you can find a conspiracy around every corner and facts can be twisted to fit any conspiracy), but I do believe that evil is planned. Satan, with a lot of help from his friends, is a master planner. Evil is organized and it is dangerous.

Evil’s motive is ulterior. As an example, flattery is the most dangerous arrow in the enemy’s quiver. A street-smart Christian will always watch for the kicker.

Evil’s patience is undying. The nature of evil in the world and in your heart is that it, like the possum, plays dead until you turn your back. A street-smart Christian will remember that--and watch for it.

Evil’s defeat is unconditional. Evil has no existence on its own. It only defines itself in terms of goodness, light and love. The very existence of evil in the world and in your heart is dependent upon the existence of good and God.

Someday God will discard evil. Just make sure you haven’t chosen the wrong side. A street-smart Christian knows the difference.