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Unraveling the Myth that You’re Too Faithful to Fall

Unraveling the Myth that You’re Too Faithful to Fall

Flashback to my early twenties and the eager Christian girl I was. Eager to be uncompromisable, undaunted, but more than anything, untouchable. I had a list of things I’d never do; a list I adopted from mentors, friends, teachings, and the Word of God. I would never drink. I would never cheat or steal. I would never have sex outside of marriage. The list went on. I put the possibility of ever compromising or giving in to these temptations completely out of my mind. “I would never” and so I rarely thought about those sins on my list. Why do anything to guard against a sin I would obviously (in my mind) never commit? This was my biggest mistake.

Because I never accepted the possibility of compromise, I never properly guarded myself and established the boundaries I needed to avoid the very things I said I’d never do. As a result, at the age of 25 I committed a sin that cost me everything. I had done an untouchable--sex outside of marriage.

On the heels of that was shame, guilt, and a diminished intimacy with God. It cost me years of ministry sowed and a dream job. It also cost me credibility, my boyfriend, relationships, and trust. I had never lost so much and the cost had never been so high—to this day that still stands true.

What is this idea I call “the untouchable myth” and why should you guard against it?

It’s a mentality, an idea, a façade. This myth is the belief that nothing can touch you. Or in the least, that there are certain sins or acts that will never touch you. It’s a lie that pulls you in and locks you in an invisible bondage. It tells you not to worry about guarding yourself against certain sins because “of course” you would never do that thing or commit that sin. So because you buy into this lie you think you live in freedom. A freedom from what you’ve determined you’ll never do. A freedom to live out of your own strength. But it’s mirage in the desert of bondage.

The truth is, ignoring something doesn’t give you more freedom; it, in fact, keeps you in bondage. A bondage to false hope and self-reliance. A bondage that keeps you hidden in the shadows instead of free in the light. This isn’t the way you want to live and in all honesty, you don’t have to.

No story highlights the danger of this myth better than Peter’s account of denying Jesus. After the Last Supper, just hours before his arrest, Jesus told the disciples that they would scatter in the face of opposition. Peter was the first to boldly proclaim he would not fall away; he wouldn’t scatter. Even when Jesus told Peter he would deny him three times before the rooster crows twice, Peter proclaimed, “If I must die with you, I will not deny you.

Denying Jesus was on Peter’s list of “I would never.” He was so sure he would never abandon Jesus that he didn’t even make room for the possibility that it could happen. Yet, the moment Jesus was arrested he did run and in those final hours, kept his distance from his Savior.

Furthermore, Peter went on to deny Jesus three times. What’s interesting is that, even after hearing Jesus proclaim what would happen, Peter didn’t realize he was doing the very thing he said he would never do until after he had denied three times. It wasn’t until the other side of his epic fail that he realized what he had done and it was too late.

Denial is blinding. It keeps you from a realistic perspective and thus, living in a world where the untouchables can never affect you. In this world, preparation isn’t a priority. Failure isn’t an option. Messy isn’t a possibility.

1 John 1:8 reminds us,

If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.

Are you deceived by believing you are free from sin? Or are you willing to step into the truth that anything is possible?

There are three things you must do if you want to stand firm in your faith.

  1. Admit Weakness.
  2. Put on the Armor of God.
  3. Establish Boundaries.

I’d love to go into detail on how to do this, but it would take a book to relay the info well. So, go grab your copy today!

I would like to take a moment and talk to those who have already gone there--committed one of your untouchable sins? You are not too far gone. YOU have incredible purpose and value even if you made a mess of things.

God is a rescuer of hearts. No matter where those hearts might be hiding or be found. He is captivated by you and wants nothing more than to be in an intimate relationship with you. This is why the Father gave up His Son; why Jesus laid down his life on the cross. So that YOU could be rescued out of those dead-end alleys and dark dungeons, and set up in the Kingdom!

He wants to break the cycle—your cycle of sin and pain. Will you allow him? You can start today on a new path. A path worthy of the calling placed on your life, filled with great purpose for the Kingdom.

Confess your sins. Forgive yourself. And take the path of redemption to a life that glorifies God!

This article is based on the new book by Brittany Rust called Untouchable: Unraveling the Myth That You’re Too Faithful to Fall. Now available online and where books are sold.

Brittany Rust has a passion is to give encouragement to the world-weary believer through her writing, speaking, and podcasting. She is the author of Untouchable: Unraveling the Myth That You're Too Faithful to Fall, founder of For the Mama Heart, and hosts the Epic Fails podcast.  Brittany, her husband Ryan, and their son Roman make their home in the Rocky Mountains, pursuing outdoor adventures, great food, and memorable stories together. Learn more at www.brittanyrust.com.