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15 Uplifting Christian Instagram Influencers to Follow Now

15 Uplifting Christian Instagram Influencers to Follow Now

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with over 1 billion users. The platform is full of images (the best part of social media in my opinion) and short posts. And because links aren’t so easily shared, Instagram offers a conversational tone that can feel a little friendlier than Facebook. Instagram can be a great way to connect and engage with the world, hopefully with a little less drama than some of the other social media options.

There are so many great Christian influencers offering encouragement and biblical truth in their posts and platforms. Following them on Instagram can add an extra measure of positivity, perspective, and encouragement to your social media feed.

Here’s a list of 15 Christian Instagram influencers worth following:

Photo Credit: ©GettyImages/nortonrsx

image of Instagram influencer Sarah Jakes Roberts

1. Sarah Jakes Roberts

Sarah Jakes Roberts (@sarahjakesroberts) is the daughter of the well-known pastor T.D Jakes. She is co-pastor of a church in LA and she heads a lifestyle brand called Woman Evolve. Her brand includes conferences, a podcast, and a fashion line. If you like following her you may also enjoy checking out Christine Caine the founder of Propel Woman.

Insta bio: I love Jesus. My husband is my best friend. My children are my greatest teachers. I drink my water & mind my business.

Photo Credit: ©Sarah Jakes Roberts/Twitter

image of Instagram influencer Jerry Flowers

2. Jerry Flowers Jr.

Jerry Flowers and his wife, Tanisha (@jerryflowers.jr) have a passion for helping people develop righteous relationships. They have created Redefined TV with millions of viewers on Facebook, YouTube, and other social media outlets. They’re on a mission to take the message of Christ to the world.

Along with their online ministries and devotionals, Jerry and his wife are pastors at Time of Celebration Ministries Church in Houston, Texas. If you are inspired by Jerry, you may also enjoy following Dathan Thigpen who is a Christian artist, actor, singer, and designer.

Instagram Bio: Houston, TX, Services Thursday 7:30 PM & Sunday 6 PM CST | Husband | Father | Kingdom Voice | Wife & I do webisodes Redefinedtv.net

Photo Credit: ©Jerry Flowers Jr./Facebook/Bethany Pyle

image of Instagram influencer Kari Jobe

3. Kari Jobe

Kari Jobe (@karijobe) is a well-respected Christian Worship leader that started leading worship at the age of 13. She has been nominated for a GRAMMY®, won multiple Dove Awards, has a RIAA Gold Certified single, and more.

She currently lives in Nashville, and when she’s not touring, she serves at her home church The Belonging Co. If you love Kari Jobe, you may also enjoy following Lauren Daigle, another amazing female Christian artist.

Instagram Bio: Me, my sweet little family and sometimes pics of things I get to do! linktr.ee/karijobe

Photo Credit: ©Kari Jobe/Facebook/Bethany Pyle

image of Instagram influencer Manda Carpenter

4. Manda Carpenter

Manda Carpenter (@mandacarpenter) and her husband are invested foster parents and advocates. She is open about her struggles, passionate about the many kiddos they have parented, as well as hosts a podcast that has candid conversations around faith, politics, social justice, and more.

If you like Manda, you may also enjoy following Jada Edwards who is a mom, has a YouTube channel, and is a speaker.

Instagram Bio: Jesus follower, wife, foster mom, advocate. 8w9. @alongertablepodcast @thisconvomightgetawkward Chicago linktr.ee/mandacarpenter

Photo Credit: ©mandacarpenter.com/Bethany Pyle

image of Instagram influencer Amanda Pittman

5. Amanda Pittman

Amanda Pittman (@amandapittman) is a wife and mom to two adorable kiddos. She is the author of several books and the founder of the Confident Woman Co. which encourages women to stand firm in their faith. She is passionate about Jesus and helping women to grow in their faith.

If you love Amanda Pittman you may also love following Sazan Hendrix. This beautiful mom also has a lifestyle blog that’s full of inspiration!

Instagram Bio: + Full-time Jesus follower + Wife to @michaeljpittman + mom + Founder of @confidentwomanco + Let’s connect: www.amandaapittman.com/link-in-bio

Photo Credit: ©Amanda Pittman/Twitter

image of Instagram influencer Tim Tebow

6. Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow (@timtebow) is a well-known athlete who uses his influence to share his faith in Jesus. When not playing baseball or football, he’s also working as an author, international speaker, and ESPN Sports Broadcaster.

If you enjoy following Tim you may also enjoy following Gregory Amundson a Crossfitter, author, speaker, and follower of Jesus.

Instagram Bio: Text Me! +1 (904) 441-5450 www.timtebow.com/shop

Photo Credit: ©TheNation.com/AP/Ben Liebenberg/Bethany Pyle

image of Instagram influencer Latasha Morrison

7. Latasha Morrison

Latasha Morrison (@latashamorrison) is the founder and President of Be The Bridge and NYT Bestselling author of Be the Bridge. Her heart is to help be a reconciler, bridge-builder and leader that is committed to educating people on cultural issues and racial literacy.

If Latasha Morrison and her mission get you fired up, then you will also love following Austin Channing Brown, an author and speaker working for racial justice.

Instagram Bio: Speaker | NYT Bestselling Author of “Be the Bridge”| Reconciler |Trainer|Founder&President @Beabridgebuilder | Inquires Booking@bethebridge.com | linktr.ee/latashamorrison

Photo Credit: ©LatashaMorrison.com/book/Bethany Pyle

image of Instagram influencer Jerrad Lopes

8. Jerrad Lopes

Jerrad Lopes (@dad.tired) is on a mission to help men lead their families well. He hosts the Dad Tired podcast and created an active online community with the aim to encourage men as husbands and fathers in their homes.

He is also the author of Dad Tired and Loving It: Stumbling Your Way to Spiritual Leadership. If you are encouraged by Jerrad, then you will also love following Mark Batterson who is a pastor and Christian author.

Instagram Bio: Helping men lead their family well. START HERE: linktr.ee/dad.tired

Photo Credit: ©Bookworthy.com/Bethany Pyle

image of Instagram influencer Tim Keller

9. Tim Keller

Tim Keller (@timkellernyc) is a prominent voice in Christianity. He is a NYT Bestselling author of landmark books including The Reason for God, The Prodigal God, and The Meaning of Marriage. Tim Keller is also the Founding Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan. He is the Chairman and Co-Founder of Redeemer City to City which starts churches in New York City and around the world.

If you enjoy following Tim Keller, you will also like David Platt who is a pastor, author, and founder of radical.net.

Instagram Bio: My son posts here as well on my behalf. Founder: @redeemernyc - Co-founder: @redeemerctc

Photo Credit: ©Fortune.com/Godwell Andrew Chan/Bethany Pyle

image of Instagram influencer Val Woerner

10. Valerie Woerner

Valerie Woerner (@valwoerner) has created a beautiful line of prayer journals. She admits that it’s her personality to enjoy order...but that tendency can also lean toward worry. However, this is what pushed her to create tools to help herself and others organize their prayer lives and more. She is also a wife and mom to two adorable girls.

If you’re a fan of Valerie, you may also enjoy following Anjuli Paschall. She is an author and mother of five.

Instagram Bio: Prayer journals - @valmariepaper Course - develop confidence & consistency in prayer - Latest - #grumpymomtakesaholiday - Tyler, Vivi & Vana - www.valmariepaper.com/starthere

Photo Credit: ©Goodtobehomepodcast.com/Bethany Pyle

image of Instagram influencer Jamie Ivey

11. Jamie Ivey

Jamie Ivey (@jamieivey) is the host of “The Happy Hour” Podcast where she has great conversations with other people of faith that cover a wide array of topics from serious issues to favorite TV shows. She has a bubbly personality that makes her easy to listen to.

She is also the author of If You Only Knew which is open and honest about her struggles and faith journey. If you love Jamie Ivey you will also enjoy following Jen Hatmaker, another great podcaster/author/woman of faith.

Instagram Bio: Podcaster #happyhourwithjamieivey Author @ifyouonlyknewbook - @aaroniveyatx, my kids, food & travel - Austin, TX. linkinprofile.com/jamieivey

Photo Credit: ©Milkandhoneytees.com/Bethany Pyle

image of Instagram influencer TobyMac

12. TobyMac

If you are in your 30s or older, you probably remember TobyMac (@tobymac) from the days of DC Talk and have never stopped loving his music! TobyMac is a well-known Christian Music artist with 7 GRAMMY® Awards, 6 gold records from his solo career, an American Music award, twice named Artist of the Year at the Dove awards, BMI songwriter of the year, and numerous other accolades to his credit.

He is also a husband and father to five which has influenced his work and lyrics. If you love following TobyMac you will also enjoy following Phil Wickham, a talented Christian singer/songwriter.

Instagram Bio: New Video Rich | Drive-In Theater Tour On Sale Now - tobymac.lnk.to/separatealtogether

Photo Credit: ©Guideposts.com/Bethany Pyle

image of Instagram influencer Tony Evans

13. Dr. Tony Evans

Dr. Tony Evans (@drtonyevans) began preaching on the radio in Houston, TX at the age of 24 in 1973. Since then, his ministry has grown tremendously and now his preaching spans the world—airing at over 1,400 radio stations in 130 countries!

He is a respected leader in evangelical circles. He is a pastor, teacher, author, speaker, and more. If you enjoy following Dr. Tony Evans you will also enjoy following Bill Johnson, the Senior Pastor of Bethel Church in Redding, California.

Instagram Bio:  Kingdom man.

Photo Credit: ©MyFaithRadio.com/Bethany Pyle

image of Instagram influencer Jennie Allen

14. Jennie Allen

Jennie Allen (@jennieSallen) is an author, podcaster, and is the founder of the ifgathering. She loves God and believes in this generation of women. Her mission is to help others love God more every day, see Him for who He is through His Word, and give Him away as you meet and love the people around you. You may also enjoy following Ann Voskamp, a NYT Bestselling Christian author.

Instagram Bio: @theolaby Books for Kids - Get Out of Your Head book - Founder & Visionary of @ifgathering - Host #madeforthispodcast - Tools + Podcast here - linktr.ee/jennieallen

Photo Credit: ©Jennieallen.com/Bethany Pyle

image of Instagram influencer Beth Moore

15. Beth Moore

Beth Moore (@bethmoorelpm) is the founder of Living Proof Ministries which is dedicated to helping people to know and love Jesus through the study of Scripture. She is passionate about pointing our world to Jesus through her writing, podcast, and ministries.

If you love Beth Moore, you may also enjoy following Lysa TerKeurst, an author with a heart to process life with others through her writing.

Instagram Bio: Spending most of my days searching for someone I've already found. Founder of @livingproofministries Houston, Texas linktr.ee/bethmoorelpm

Enjoy being uplifted by any or all of these inspiring Instagram influencers as you shine your light and share your faith.

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