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What Does the Bible Say about Astrology?

What Does the Bible Say about Astrology?

As a teen, I was star-struck. Sun, moon, and stars; I sought to learn all about them. People fascinated me, and when I studied astrology, it validated who I thought I was, but also gave me a sneak peek into the hearts and minds of those around me. I was enamored by this pastime that conveniently stroked my ego. Astrology convinced me all the qualities I thought were wrong with me were okay; all the peculiarities were just part of my divinely made personality.

But the more I walked with Jesus, the more I began examining this practice. On the one hand, I didn’t see the harm. If God designed us and numbered our days while we were in our mother’s womb, and if he has a plan for each of us, it all makes sense. We are all one-of-a-kind with a unique fingerprint.

God made planets and stars for a reason, right?

The Bible even says we can learn about God by studying the stars. God calls each of them by name (Isaiah 40:26).

But is the Bible referring to astrology or astronomy?

Here’s what the Bible says.

What Is Astrology?

According to Living Facts, 29% of American adults believe in astrology. This study of celestial bodies has been around since 2000 BC. Ancient Babylonian cultures attempted to foretell events by watching and interpreting the stars, Sun, Moon, and planets. Astrologers believe that since God made the stars and planets, they serve a purpose. In Genesis, the Bible tells us that the sun, moon, and stars were given to us as signs and seasons (Genesis 1:14).

The three magi forecasted the birth of Christ and discovered baby Jesus through the stars. These astrologers used the Bethlehem star to pinpoint the time and location of the birth of Christ.

But is astrology science? According to Scientific American, there is no science to show that astrology affects our personality or lives. Still, 70 million American’s read their horoscope daily.

If It Can Guide Us, What’s the Harm?

The trouble is not in if it can guide us, but where is it leading us. Truth or fallacy, anything that draws us away from God is not of God.

The Bible commands us to worship the CREATOR, not what He has created. James 1:5 tells us that wisdom comes from God alone.

If we read the book of Daniel, we see that the astrologers all tried to interpret King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, but they could not. The astrologers answered the king, saying that no man on earth could do what he asked (Daniel 2:10).

The prophet Daniel declared boldly that there was a God in heaven who reveals secrets. In Daniel 2:27-28, Daniel prayed for true wisdom and turned to the one true God.

Astrology is false wisdom centered on selfishness.

When I saw my astrology chart as a youth, I concluded that so much of it was spot on. But is it a mirror, or do we cling to the traits we recognize? This dangling carrot entices us because of our selfish nature. We want to know all about ourselves. But God summons us to put others first. The Word of God instructs us how to behave, but what if that doesn’t align with our chart? Are we suddenly inclined to adopt our unacceptable behavior as okay simply because it’s part of our astrological makeup?

Astrology is all about us. It’s self-centered on creating a perfect path to success. A path to romance, riches, and happiness. If you do this on this day and go here, you will find what you’re searching for. If you make friends with people in this sector, you will be happier.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. God doesn’t promise us any of those things. Worldly success does not bring happiness. The accurate measure of happiness is when we lose ourselves to seek God’s presence; he fills our emptiness. As we nurture our spiritual side, it leads us to all kinds of success and enjoyment in this world because our Creator has made us. He alone knows who we really are and what we need. He alone can create the chance meetings and opportunities that align with who we really are and who He wants us to become.

Astrology can lead to divination, which is condemned in the Bible.

Astrology tells us we don’t need God, that all our answers are in the stars. But God warned the Israelites about sorcery and divination and commanded them not to imitate any of the detestable ways of the Canaanites. In Deuteronomy, God plainly says that anyone who does these things is detestable to the Lord.

Deut. 18:10-11 says, “There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, one who uses divination, one who practices witchcraft, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, or one who casts a spell, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead.”

In 1 Samuel 15:23, God compares divination to rebellion and arrogance, calling it the “evil of idolatry.”

Anything we place before God is an idol. It can be something totally innocuous, but if it replaces God, it becomes sinful for us (Exodus 20:3).

When I was absorbed in astrology, it was the first thing I wanted to read before I started my day. I planned my weeks and months around the upcoming alignment. But I quickly realized that this chasing of information was exhausting. Not only was I chasing lies, but the answers I found did not solve any of my problems. The generic readings could apply to anything, and I quickly adapted each one to my life. They amused and distracted me from godly pursuits as I held on to every forecast as truth.

The Bible explains this well in Isaiah 47:13:

“All the counsel you have received has only worn you out! Let your astrologers come forward, those stargazers who make predictions month by month, let them save you from what is coming upon you.”

Since we’ve already learned that astrology wisdom is not complete, do we really want to hold its hand for the next month, or the right hand of He who knows everything, including the number of hairs on our head?

We know Satan roams around the earth, searching for who he can devour. Many people get snared in his trap by seemingly good things. But anything that moves you away from light is moving you toward darkness. Satan knows that our flesh will do whatever will make us feel better, and he knows how to lure us in a particular direction.

So, while astrology can enlighten us as we discover so many coincidences and similarities, remember that Satan is a liar. He knows a lot of things about us, but he does not know God or what God has planned for us. He tells us half-truths. Like Eve tasting the fruit because it helped attain wisdom and looked good, we can do the same with astrology, not realizing until it’s too late the consequences of that decision.

Astrology highlights our inability to trust God.

If we truly trust in God alone, we know He works all things for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). All things have meaning, even the things that look unfair in this world. Eve thought she was missing out by not getting to eat all the fruit, but the Lord knew better.

So, if we trust God, why do we need to check another source to find answers? The Bible warns us not to bow down and serve anything aside from Him.

“And beware lest you raise your eyes to heaven, and when you see the sun and the moon and the stars, all the host of heaven, you be drawn away and bow down to them and serve them, things that the Lord your God has allotted to all the peoples under the whole heaven.” Deuteronomy 4:19

God tells us in James 1:5 that if we lack wisdom we should ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach.

If you ask me if, as a Christian, if we should follow astrology, my answer would be no. God’s Word says in Psalm 32:8 I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye on you. With God’s Word as a lamp to my feet and a light to my path (Psalm 119:105), the only sign I want to claim is a child of God.

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