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When a Little Bit Becomes More Than Enough

  • Rebekah Montgomery Right to the Heart of Women
  • Updated Jun 29, 2020
When a Little Bit Becomes More Than Enough

"Della" has a very difficult load for a 13-year-old.

She has to care for her mother — an illiterate recovering alcoholic, and cancer survivor — as well as her autistic brother.

But the Lord has touched Della. He is the only father she has ever known and she loves and trusts Him.

Because money is tight for Della's family, she works several paper routes so she can write checks for household bills. It's a struggle which I, as her Sunday School teacher, often observe through her prayers for unpaid bills and grocery money.

One Sunday, dressed in her only pair of jeans and t-shirt, suddenly a size too small, Della asked, "Can we pray about my clothes? Is that selfish?"

I assured her that yes; her Heavenly Father took note of her wardrobe deficiencies and cared. We could ask Him to supply.

Proof of His touch on her life came when someone donated several boxes of quality hand-me-downs for Della and I took them to her.

As she sorted through the boxes, grateful tears sprang to Della’s eyes. "Don’t worry," she assured me. "Anything I can’t wear I’ll take to the women's crisis center."

Amazing! In the midst of her neediness, coping with a difficult mother and a tenuous home situation, she could think of others who were less fortunate than herself. She knew what nice clothing could mean to someone homeless and in crisis.

Build Your Life on This

A bedrock principle of faith and prosperity throughout the scriptures is that God requires that we be faithful with the little before He will make us faithful over much (Luke 19:13). He often taps the poor to help the dirt-poor so He can miraculously lavish blessings on them both.

He asked the widow of Zerephath, a hungry single mother, to give her last pita to a starving prophet, (1 Kings 17). When she faithfully gave God what little she had, He miraculously provided for them all throughout a famine.

When food was needed for a multitude, and a boy volunteered his three-day-old-lunch, Jesus used it to feed 5000 men plus women and children — with leftovers to share.

So what do you need? Time? Money? Talent? Friendship?

What has He already given you? Use it, Share it. Give it to the Lord and He will bless it for your benefit, for others, and for the kingdom.

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