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Words From the President on the National Day Of Prayer

  • Published Apr 29, 2003
Words From the President on the National Day Of Prayer

"The National Day of Prayer is a vital part of our national heritage, because prayer is a vital part of our national life. I'm grateful to all of you, who remind us that a great people must spend time on bended knee, in humility, searching for wisdom in the presence of the Almighty...America is a country of faith. And throughout our history, in times of crisis and in times of calm, Americans have always turned to prayer.


Prayer for others is a generous act. It sweeps away bitterness and heals old wounds. Prayer leads to greater humility and a more grateful spirit. It strengthens our commitment to things that last and things that matter. It deepens our love for one another. Prayer also deepens faith, reminding us of great truths: Evil and suffering are only for a time; love and hope endure. Even in the world's most bitter conflicts, prayer reminds us of God's love and grace, His mercy and faithfulness, the hope He provides and the peace He promises.

Prayer is central to the lives of countless Americans, including Laura's and mine. We have been blessed by the prayers of millions of Americans. We could ask for no greater gift from our countrymen."


~~ George W. Bush