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5 Ways Women Can Share Jesus without Fear

  • Linda Evans Shepherd Crosswalk.com Contributing Writer
  • Updated May 10, 2018
5 Ways Women Can Share Jesus without Fear
A kid in his dad’s new Cadillac Escalade turned the corner then sped his eight-ton vehicle toward the ramp of a nearby parking garage. With 420-horsepower beneath his hood, he aimed his SUV directly at the three people already walking through the crosswalk.  Never mind that yellow caution lights blinked a warning. 
I almost didn’t witness the scene, for as I was walking through this crosswalk, my eyes were fixed on the beauty of the Denver sunset.  The pink clouds glowed while the sun winked as it dipped behind the inky-blue mountains.
“How beautiful,” I told the two walking through the crosswalk with me.  They lifted their heads and stared at the colors painted across the sky and smiled.
Somehow, something caught my eye and I turned my head toward the accelerating SUV, now only a few feet from where we stood.
“Look out!” I shouted as I leapt forward.  The white monster roared past, so close it was only a breath away.  The others leapt too, and there we stood in the fading light shocked, shaken, but glad to be alive.
Though I have no idea what could have possessed the young man to rush his SUV at us, I do know what possessed me to shout a warning.  I was the one who saw the SUV and therefore I was the one who could alert the others to the danger.
But isn’t my story a reflection of the times?  We women, who have been imparted with God’s truth, can see danger as it recklessly accelerates toward our unsuspecting friends and loved ones.  
We know the misery and pain caused by anything, even things that appear good, but distracts our loved ones from God’s love and salvation.
The danger is real, and it’s escalating.  Now is not the time to be shy or even ashamed of the truth we know.  It’s the time to shout a warning, “Watch out!”
Not everyone will hear or even understand what we are saying. However, some will leap; leap into a saving relationship with a God who loves them.  For our warning is not to condemn, it’s to save.  It’s to say, “We love you! Be aware of the danger!” 
Sharing the truth in love may be the only way our friends and loved ones will know they need to make a leap of faith.  
If you need ideas on how to share your faith, consider:
  • Share a link to the online gospel presentation GodTest.com with someone you care about.
  • Invite your friend or loved one to go to church with you.
  • Invite your friend or loved one to study the Bible with you. You might consider studying the book of John as it’s a great introduction to Jesus and his sacrifice for us.
  • Share Bible verses that lead to salvation, like the ones found in the book, Share Jesus Without Fear from Lifeway Publishers.
  • Don’t forget to pray and ask God to show you opportunities.
Linda Evans Shepherd is the author of 30 books, including Share Jesus Without Fear she wrote with Bill Fay. She’s the President of Right to the Heart Ministries which has seen over 300,000 people come to faith at their website GodTest.com.  Article reprinted with permission from www.LeadingHearts.com magazine, an e-magazine for women who lead at home, work, church and community. 
Publication date: March 29, 2016