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Divine Duct Tape

  • Theresa Ceniccola
  • 2010 28 Sep
Divine Duct Tape
Have you noticed that duct tape comes in all kinds of fun colors now? There's an entire rainbow of duct tape - including some of the more outrageous designs of camouflage, tie-dyed, plaid and glow-n-the-dark. Why not? Duct tape can solve almost any problem - from fixing a leaky faucet to removing a plantar wart. Pretty much everyone can use duct tape, right? So it makes sense to choose a color you love. No matter what the color - it all works the same. Sure, we all know the power of the super adhesive, but we don't always have it with us when we need it. I own several rolls of duct tape - including one in neon pink - but I couldn't tell you where they are at the moment. Only Boy Scouts, engineers and the Sopranos actually carry duct tape with them at all times.

If you think about it, duct tape is kinda like God. Powerful, yet gentle. A miracle worker - able to fix the big problems and the small ones. Available everywhere. And once you are introduced to duct tape, you begin to think of more ways you can use it in your life.

The problem with duct tape is that if you remove it, you are left with a sticky residue. A reminder of a broken time. The residue then begins to attract dirt and dust, creating an even greater dilemma. God leaves his mark on our souls in much the same way. Once we invite him into our hearts, we are changed forever. Once we witness his incredible mercy and unconditional love, we don't want him to leave. We don't want to remove him from our lives and open ourselves up to attracting evil and despair.

And God comes in a variety of colors. He dresses in just the right color each time he appears in my life. He is the color of the spirited young teacher who just won't give up on my child, the compassionate nurse who actually holds my hand and takes the time to explain what's going on, and the stranger who patiently holds the door for me and my three kids as we argue, trip and drop stuff on our way. Yes, God comes in many colors - a pattern to suit each one of us. He makes it easy for us to find him despite his chameleon tendencies.

Like duct tape, God is always accessible - but we have to remember to use him. God can solve all problems, but we must carry him with us. So, I think I'm going to buy some funky duct tape - maybe in a leopard print - and put it in my purse to remind me to call on God when I need him. I'll put some in my car, in my office and in my laundry room, too. That way, I'll be sure to ask him to repair my life when it falls apart. Plus, I just might use the duct tape!

I wonder what would happen if I ran into Tony Soprano…me and God…Tony and his trunk full of duct tape. I have a feeling my Divine Duct Tape would be stronger.

September 28, 2010

Theresa Ceniccola is a mother, writer and entrepreneur with a passion for connecting other Christian women and helping small business grow. As a marketing and PR professional, she launched TGC Communications, LLC in 1994 and has been working from home to serve clients and follow her passion while raising a family.  She is also co-founder of www.writetohealth.com, a guided journaling practice dedicated to helping people discover the health benefits of writing. You can connect with Theresa on her blog at www.theresaceniccola.com.

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