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Love By God's Clock

  • 2000 17 May
Love By God's Clock

God gives us 1,440 minutes in each day. You have as many minutes as everyone else - no more, no less. Time can fly when you are busy or having fun, and it can drag when you're bored and lonely. It is your choices and expectations and the events you experience that seem to affect its speed.



  • Time is important. God considers time an extremely important commodity. He knows that eternal destinies are decided during our earthly moments. He gives people plenty of time to come to know and trust Him.


  • Your time is in God's hands. You have no ultimate control over your moments or the length of your time in this world. As eternity belongs to God, so does time.


  • Practice being still. You don't have to spend a lot of time with God, but you do need to spend quiet, quality time with Him. Make your moments special by ignoring distractions and concentrating on Him alone. Are you too busy to be blessed or be a blessing?


  • Use your time to travel. During 10 minutes of prayer you can visit the continents of the world. You can be in China in the moment it takes to think about it and could visit the homes of believers there who are being persecuted for their faith. You could spend a few minutes asking God to strengthen these people and help them to endure and keep believing. Or within a moment you could be in Africa in the refugee camps, walking among starving children who are waiting for life-sustaining food. Ask the Lord to meet their spiritual needs and ask that He show you your part in alleviating their pain and suffering.


  • Give it all to God. How much of your 24 hours in a day does God expect you to share with Him? All of it. Prayer is a constant, living awareness of God.


  • Make the best use of your time. Jesus is the supreme example of the proper use of every moment. He had only half the usual allotted time span of a human being before His life was cut short. But look at what He accomplished - the redemption of the world. His public ministry lasted only three years, but His private ministry lasted as long as He lived - visiting His place of worship, spending time at His carpenter's bench, and otherwise dealing with His family's concerns. For Him there was no difference between the secular and the sacred. It was all a question of where God wanted Him and what God wanted Him to be doing at any given moment.


  • Live according to God's clock. When the time had fully come, God sent his Son (Gal 4:4). Jesus was born at the right moment, and throughout His life He reminded His disciples, His family, and His friends, My time is not yet come. He left no doubt that He was working according to a Divine timetable.


  • Your days are ordained. They are set aside for God's use and purpose. With that realization, even Monday mornings will look different.


  • There are no ordinary days. Each has an extraordinary significance because God has a Divine plan for your life and your day.


  • Eternity has begun. God has put eternity in your heart (Ecc. 3:11). There should be a sense of eternal things permeating everything you think and do and are. What you do today can have eternal value.


From 8 Choices That Can Change a Woman's Life by Jill Briscoe, revised edition copyright (c) 1998. Used by permission of Shaw Books of WaterBrook Press, Colorado Springs, Colo. On sale at your local bookstore.

Jill Briscoe is well-known for her international speaking ministry. She is the author of more than 40 books, including Renewal on the Run, Running on Empty; and There's a Snake in My Garden. Along with her husband, Stuart, she serves at Elmbrook Church in Brookfield, Wis., where she is a lay adviser to the Woman's Ministry and director of the multimedia ministry Telling the Truth.


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