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Sandals or Blue Suede? Shod Your Feet with Spiritual Shoes

  • Betsy St. Amant Contributor
  • Published Jun 28, 2007
Sandals or Blue Suede? Shod Your Feet with Spiritual Shoes
I love shoes. I really do. I’m often guilty of picking out my shoes first, then choosing my outfit accordingly. I’ve actually bought several red shirts because a friend gave me a pair of red and white polka dot heels, and I didn’t have anything in my wardrobe to match them!

Shoes are an important part of my day. They can determine my mood (for example, my polka dot shoes make me happy, my pink-and-white gingham five-inch heels give me confidence, my green plaid sandals with the little bow make me joyful, and my black pumps give me an air of professionalism.) The more fun and crazy the shoes, the better! When someone compliments me on my footwear, I grin for the next fifteen minutes. Nothing makes my day more than passing someone on the street downtown, watching their eyes drop to my feet, and then seeing a big grin spread across their face.

I’ve discovered recently that something else happens when you wear cute shoes – you become more aware of where you walk. When I’m in my pink and white gingham heels, I dodge rain puddles to avoid staining the fabric. When I’m in my red-and-white polka dot shoes, I carefully avoid cracks in the sidewalk because the pointed heel will get stuck in small crevices. I walk very slowly on tile floors when I wear my brown and gold sandals, because they have slick soles.

Now, let me tell you a secret – did you know the Bible tells us to wear good shoes? (Wives, don’t get too excited – this excuse probably won’t work on your husbands!) But it’s true. Listen to this. The other day, I was heading inside a public restroom and actually decided not to go in because the floor was dirty and I was wearing a good pair of shoes. As I turned and walked right back out, aware that my footwear became more important than my need to use the facilities, I suddenly realized the symbolism. Two verses from Ephesians jumped to the forefront of my brain and set up camp: “Stand therefore…having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace” (Ephesians 6).

We are commanded to wear good shoes in Christ. We are instructed to slip on the sandals of salvation, the boots of benevolence, the flip-flops of faith, the loafers of light…and MOVE IT!

As Christians, it’s easy to become lazy in our witnessing efforts. So many times we miss opportunities to share Jesus just because we don’t bother to open our eyes. It’s time to lace up those hiking boots, polish those pumps, and hit the floor running. What are you waiting for?

To me, one of the most significant parts of that verse is found in the word “preparation.” How many times have you stood awkwardly to the side as a chance to witness passed you by, just because you weren’t sure what to say? Or what verse to share? Or what testimony to give? Jesus knew this witnessing stuff wasn’t going to come naturally to us. He knew that it would take effort on our part to share His word. That’s why He reminds us with this verse in Ephesians to prepare.

According to the dictionary, to prepare means to “put oneself in readiness, to get ready, to make ready beforehand for a specific purpose.” Think about that. We have to have something before we can give it away. We have to know something before we talk about it. Have you ever heard someone try to describe or discuss something which they obviously knew nothing about? It’s awkward and embarrassing. Don’t put yourself in that position as a Christian. Know your faith. Read your Bible. If you practice writing down or saying what Jesus has done in your own life, you won’t have any trouble sharing it with others when the time comes.

Ladies, here’s one pair of shoes you can pray for without guilt! Ask Jesus to prepare your feet with His gospel. Ask Him to make you ready to share His word and bring light to the world. Let those feet glow!

And one more thing - just as we’re careful where we walk when we wear cute new shoes, let’s not forget where we walk as a Christian. If your feet are shod with the gospel of peace and if your shoes are walking billboards for your Savior, where are you leading others? Are people following your fashionable footwear into a bar? Into a casino? Into a club? Are you leading others in righteousness or destruction?

Today, give yourself a spiritual pedicure (and hey, why not a physical one while you’re at it!). Pray over your feet. Ask God to guide you in your steps and for your walk to be true to Him. Pray for protection from leading others astray. Then make your feet ready to wear the good news.

For we walk by faith, and not by sight...”  When your feet are properly shod, there are no limits to where Christ can lead you. Tighten those laces and get ready for an adventure! After all, those boots were meant for walking.

Betsy Ann St. Amant resides in northern Louisiana with her husband, Brandon. Betsy has a bachelor's degree in Christian Communications from Louisiana Baptist University and is actively pursuing a career in inspirational writing. Her first published Christian Fiction novel, Midnight Angel, is now available on www.amazon.com. You can contact her at betsystamant@yahoo.com.