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10 Holiday Tips for the Working Woman

  • Gail Hayes Success and Empowerment Strategist
  • Published Nov 24, 2009
10 Holiday Tips for the Working Woman

Today, about 75 percent of women, ages twenty-five to fifty-four years old are either working or actively seeking a job. That means that, for the women handling business in and outside the home, the holidays can be a time of anxiety. But this can be a time of joy and relaxation if you make wise choices about your time, energy, and focus. Here are ten tips to help you "handle your business" and the holidays.

1. Let go of unrealistic expectations. There will always be things like late arrivals, missed deadlines, and bad hair days. Even during the holidays, things happen. Just take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the ride.

2. Do not over obligate yourself. You are not Wonder Woman. She did not have to meet deadlines, pay bills, take care of a family, or entertain a host of friends. Realize that you cannot be everything to everyone, especially during the holidays.

3. Set a deadline for when you will stop working. Avoid overtime during the holidays. if possible. As much as you can, decide when you will stop working and then stop! Prioritize your work, and when the list is completed, put on your coat, grab your purse and briefcase, and get out of the office.

4. Put your own name on your gift buying list. It's okay to buy yourself a gift. You work hard every day and this is the time of year where you can give yourself a gift too. Make sure it is something that fits your budget so it won't cause added stress.

5. It's okay to ask for help. Believe it or not, other women do want to help. Being a super woman is lonely and often leads to more stress. This is a time when even the most unpleasant coworkers will usually pitch in and help finish tasks at work. There's just something about the holidays that makes others want to be a part of a team effort.

6. Take a half day off and watch a good movie. Although others think you are a super woman, the earth will not stop rotating if you take a break. Watch your stress diminish when you indulge yourself with the gift of relaxation during the holidays.

7. Don't forget exercise, self care, and rest. Exercise is the best remedies for managing stress. Set aside some time to take a relaxing bubble bath accompanied by your favorite bath gel and sweet-smelling candles. Layer the fragrance with body lotion and powder. Now, put on your favorite sleep shirt or nightgown and go to bed early.

8. Look outside yourself. Take some time to meet the needs of others. Hurting people are all around you. Take some time to show some love to those who are less fortunate than you. It may brighten your holiday and give that extra boost of energy you've been searching for all year long.

9. Make contact. Send cards to those who have touched your life this year. This is the time to reach out and let them know how much you appreciated their counsel or business. This will help build or maintain business bridges you may need to cross in the New Year.

10. Read that book. Take time to nourish yourself with that book you've been meaning to read. It may be a book to help you secure that financial deal or just a romance novel that's been sitting by your bed. Take some time and get lost in pages that satisfy your quiet time.

Remember that your job is not your life. You create your life by what you do for and with others, who in turn fill your atmosphere with wonderful experiences. This is the time when looking outside yourself is the best medicine for stress.

Originally posted December 2008.

Excerpted from Simplify Your Holidays by Marcia Ramsland. Copyright (c) 2008 by Marcia Ramsland. Reprinted by permission of Thomas Nelson

Gail Hayes is an international speaker and author of several books including

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