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5 Simple Ways to Unlock Your Creative Genius

5 Simple Ways to Unlock Your Creative Genius

In the beginning God created... (Genesis 1:1)

And what a wonderful world he made. Full of goodness. Teeming with life.

Upon human beings he bestowed that very characteristic - the ability to be creative. The ability to create goodness.

As children our creativity is innate; we create with sand, empty boxes, crayons, puppets, and more. But unfortunately, somewhere along the line, we grow up and stop being creative.

No matter who you are, you are creative. Like it or not, you create everyday - you create your life. Creativity is not a luxury. It is involved in every human endeavour and necessary for a blessed existence.

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago (Ephesians 2:10).

You are a masterpiece, not an accident. Father bestowed upon you the ability to create good things. Who better to create a masterpiece than a masterpiece himself? Whether it be in the garden, kitchen, cyberspace, boardroom or nursery, there is creativity inside you. It's time to let it out.

1. Find Your Creative Sweet Spot

Like personality, creativity is unique to each individual. You might be a creative cook, engineer, designer, mechanic, hairdresser, financial advisor, athlete, teacher, the list goes on.

If you struggle to know where your creativity lies, it is not as difficult to uncover as you think. Your creativity is in whatever makes you feel alive. What tasks cause you to lose track of time? What could you do all day? It is probably where you are most creative.

2. Speak Creativity into Being

Do not underestimate the power of words. They are for more than communication.The first time we read about creativity in the Bible is when God created the world. And what did God use as the creative medium? Words. God spoke with the purpose of creating. Before you create anything, you create it with your words first. So watch what you say and may your words, and the words you hear, inspire creativity.

3. Keep Your Creative Tank Full

Creativity runs on creative "juice." If you have a full tank, creativity flows. If the tank is empty, you will struggle to be creative. You may think you aren't creative, but the truth is, your tank just might be empty.

So how do you fill your creativity tank? I fill my creativity tank with a variety of creative expressions. For example, I love to flick through interior decorating magazines. I am not an interior decorator (though I try) but I enjoy looking at glossy pictures of stylish interiors. As I do, it fills my creative writing tank. Creative expression in a field unrelated to mine inspires my own creativity. So don't feel guilty as you walk through an art gallery, listen to opera, or indulge in a Vogue Living magazine - because it is important to fill your creative tank.

4. Believe for a God-Breath of Creativity

David wrote psalms and killed giants with creativity. Abraham creatively ventured to into the unknown. Joseph had the creativity to develop systems which saved the world from famine. Ruth was creative enough to lie at Boaz's feet. Esther's creativity made her Queen. Jesus healed a blind man with mud, walked on water, and rose from the grave. Now that's creative.

The greatest creativity comes from the Anointing. Without the Anointing, creativity is just another good idea. Anointing breathes life into your creation.

If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking (James 1:5).

If you ask for creative wisdom, our generous God will give it to you. He will not hold back from you. Believe for a fresh breath of heavenly creativity in your life.

5. It's Not about You

You create not for your own pleasure, but for the pleasure of others. The world needs your creativity and ideas. As you are creative, you partake in God's goodness and provide a vehicle for others to do likewise.

Go on, be creative, or challenge yourself to launch into new areas of creativity. We are yet to see the most amazing human ideas and endeavours. After all, it is for this purpose you were created.

I'm Sarah Coleman, an Aussie passionate about Jesus & family. Through blogs and books I minister life and encouragement. Download my FREE eBook, Be Amazing: You Know You Want To. Find more of my thoughts at

Publication date: July 23, 2015