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Are You Stuck in a Bad Work Situation?

  • 2007 25 Oct
Are You Stuck in a Bad Work Situation?

I grew up as a farm kid and often heard my Dad say, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” I think he was just trying to make me feel better about having to get up at 5:00 AM to milk those stinking cows. Well it turns out that more and more people are having to get up early – just to beat the traffic for their long commutes. USA Today reports that over 15 million Americans are out the door before 6:00 AM to make it to work on time. The article referenced here shares the story of Martha Perry of Wyandotte, Michigan, who spends 13 hours at work each day to avoid heavy traffic coming and going. And she says that makes it hard to spend time with Isabella, her 2-yr-old daughter. Well Duh!!

Now I know there are lots of unique situations – but 13-hr days? I’d be exploring some new options tomorrow. And I’ll bet if Martha calculated her gas, car depreciation, business clothing, and day care, she’s probably netting about $3 a week.

The concept of a 48 Days timeline ( came out of the frustration I saw in people who had gotten a glimpse of what a better life could be and yet they got trapped in their own version of the movie Groundhog Day – where they simply repeated yesterday, over and over again. Is your current position the best possible choice for you?  

If not, use the next 48 Days to clarify: 

Where am I? 

How can I gather the advice and opinion of others I respect?

What are my alternatives for moving toward the life I want?

What is the best plan of action?

What will I do immediately to start this plan of action?

These are the Main Obstacles I hear:

1. Dan, You don’t know my situation. I could never do that.

2. I’m trapped where I am. I have no choices. Circumstances control me.

(“Lack of opportunity” is often nothing more than lack of purpose or direction.)

3. Procrastination --

a. I’ll wait till all the lights are green.

b. Till the kids are grown.

c. Till I get my college degree.

d. Till I get some money saved up.

4. Non-supportive friends and relatives.

5. I don’t deserve anything better than what I have.

If you start today you can have a new work model in place by November 15th -- and then sit back and enjoy the holidays, knowing you've in the driver's seat to make 2008 the best year of your life.  

The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes. Benjamin Disraeli

Principles from the soon-to-be-released No More Mondays. Coming January 15th.


Dan Miller is President of The Business Source, founder of "48 Days" and author of 48 Days To The Work You Love and 48 Days To Creative Income. He is the growing authority for creating effective life plans that are achieved by integrating natural gifts, unique personality traits and one's own values and passions. His unique clarification of how God gifts us will introduce you to a new sense of freedom and fulfillment of your life's calling. For more information, visit