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Cool, Unusual and Seasonal Jobs

  • Dan Miller
  • 2010 22 Nov
Cool, Unusual and Seasonal Jobs

We are entering the busiest selling season of the year. Don't sit on your backside, waiting for the perfect career position. You can jump into an opportunity to get you moving, continue your networking, and create some immediate income. Here are just a few of hundreds of interesting things available right now:

  • 537 Seasonal jobs available right now here in Nashville
  • Manage a Hickory Farms mall kiosk. Fun surroundings, reasonable pay and 40% off all merchandise. "We are looking for area supervisors, store managers, and sales associates for the upcoming holiday season." Hickory Farms
  • Be a Santa Claus: A beginning Santa can earn an hourly wage of $100, while veteran Santas can earn an average wage of $175 to $200 per hour. The really big pay rate comes on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day; that's when these Kris Kringles can earn wagesof $175 to $200 for their first hour of work, and $100 to $300 for every hour after that. (Incidentally, the picture is one of my grandchildren thinking up her Christmas wish)
  • Draw Caricatures at Holiday Parties -  $100/hr with 4-hr minimum
  • Want to work where people play? As the ski season ramps up, ski areas have trails snow-filled and groomed, and resorts are busy hiring staff in a variety of capacities. Spending a season or so on the slopes is often an excellent way to fill time between graduating from college and that first "real" job. It can be a mind-clearing sabbatical from the corporate world, or even a way of life when coupled with seasonal summer employment. Ski to Work
  • Temporary postal service carrier. No experience necessary. Requires a valid driver's license. Job to begin in late November or early December and work until late December. Flexible schedule, but must work eight hours a day, five days a week, or more. Must be able to lift up to 70 pounds. Pays $15.62 per hour. Bring the Mail
  • UPS - several years ago, my oldest son, Kevin, spent a couple of interesting months in the Christmas season delivering packages for UPS on a mountain bicycle pulling a small trailer. Great for the quads, meeting people and getting a paycheck! What can Brown do for you?

A seasonal job is like an audition. It's an opportunity for you to show your skills. And you can bypass other candidates by offering to work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends. The more available you are, the better your chances of getting hired. Michael's Stores, the retailer of arts and crafts supplies expects to hire about 10,000 seasonal workers this year, up from 7,300 last year. And about 10% of those will be recruited into permanent staff positions.

Want to be a pyrotechnician, get a Scuba diving job or drive an RV cross country? There are plenty of creative opportunities out there - just be creative in looking at places like these:

Don't wait until January to look for a job. If you jump into the market now you will have fewer competitors and you may have a chance to demonstrate your abilities - and work right into a permanent position.

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November 22, 2010

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