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How to Find God-Driven Direction in the Midst of Uncertain Times

How to Find God-Driven Direction in the Midst of Uncertain Times

Everywhere around us it appears the world we live in is growing darker. It seems with each passing day the media is consistently reporting more threats by terrorists groups, more legal cases that threaten to silence our first and second amendment rights to freedom of religion, speech and the right to bear arms, and a 2016 Presidential election like none we have ever known. All of these things are landing believers and non-believers alike to ask the question, is their still hope for our nation? In the midst of growing confusing, and fear brought about by the events around us, the answer is—yes. Our Hope is found in God and in God alone. We must return to the foundation upon which our great nation was created by putting our faith, hope and trust in God.  

We speak it every time we say the pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America—One nation under God. We hold it every time we reach into our wallets and pull out a monetary bill or coin—In God we Trust. This leads me to the next all-important questions:

1. At a time in our world when many things seem and feel uncertain and fears and anxieties about the future run high, what is God’s role in the appointment of leaders?   

2. What is my responsibility in following a leader who represents ideals, direction or policies in which I disagree?

In answering the above questions let’s look at the words of some of the greatest leaders in history and most importantly let’s look at what God says in his word. In the 1800s when Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address he recognized our liberties come from God when he said, “Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty….”

Third President of the United States and author of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson said the “only firm basis” for liberty is a conviction that these rights come from God, not from government.

Again, near the end of the 20th century, the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. appealed to the God-ordained rights for all people as the foundation for the Civil Rights movement. In his famous, “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” he referred to the transcendent Law of God, governing us all.

It is important to understand; leaders are created and allowed into positions of leadership by God. When Adam and Eve made the decision to eat from the tree of good and evil free will of choice was ushered into existence.  What is free will of choice? It is the God-ordained ability to choose between right and wrong. This often brings many to the next question, if this is the case then God already knows everything that is going to occur in our lives and the world around us and he ultimately controls and appoints our leaders.

There is no logical reason to believe if God knows what choices we are going to make, it means we are not free to make our own choices. We are still free to make our own choices they are just known by God ahead of time. If we choose differently from his divine direction or act outside of what aligns with his truth, God knew we would choose and align differently. This knowledge by God does not change or alter in anyway our nature, meaning it does not change who we are—we are free to make our own choices both as we lead and in whom we choose to follow. God’s nature is to know all things making his knowledge complete.

God knows from a perfect and eternal perspective what all of our free choices will be and yet he allows us to make the final decisions, to choose right or wrong. Out of these choices come consequences some negative and others positive. God promises he will be with us and give us strength to walk through the outcomes of our choices, be they good or bad.

Here is where we can take comfort through the challenging events of this world. God has eternally known what our free choices will be, He has ordained history to come to the conclusion that He wishes including and incorporating our choices into His divine plan. God’s word says in Acts 4:27-28, “In fact, this has happened here in this very city! For Herod Antipas, Pontius Pilate the governor, the Gentiles, and the people of Israel were all united against Jesus, your holy servant, whom you anointed. But everything they did was determined beforehand according to your will.”God knows all things, yet he gives us the ability to choose. Even in the midst of evil brought about by the decisions of man, we can hold on to this promise from I John 3:20, “...God is greater than our heart, and knows all things.”

Herod and Pilate were both leaders whom God allowed into positions of leadership, even while under their poor and misguided leadership his son, Jesus, was crucified. What man intended for evil purposes God used to bring about our ultimate good and to fulfill his divine plan. God was then and is still today in ultimate control. God gives man the abilities, gifts and talents to lead. How we use them is our choice to make. At the end of the day every individual person will stand before God and answer for their actions. In positions of leadership, God’s word tells us, we are held to higher level of accountability because others follow our direction. Therefore, the consequences of our decisions and actions are far reaching, affecting more than just ourselves.

So, what is our responsibility as believers? As believers we are to pray for our leaders, even those with whom we do not agree. We are called to pray for God’s direction in the outcomes of their decisions and to give us strength to stand respectfully when these decisions go against what his word says is true and right.

Politically, believers represent both parties of our government. We are called by God to pray for them as they make difficult decisions even when we do not agree with them and regardless of which party they represent. It is God’s place and not ours to judge the heart of man. Yet we cannot remain silent when decisions are made that go against the word of God. This said, when we disagree, we are to voice our disagreement in love and with respect reflecting the heart of God without intent to create further dissention but rather to bring about positive change.

The tragic shootings in Orlando and France over these past months prove we need more God control in our world.As our next Presidential election grows near, we must seek God’s wisdom as we vote, and his healing for our country. God promises us through his word in 2 Chronicles 7:14, “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sins and restore their land.”

As believers we must not live with fear for our future, rather we must stand together in faith and seek God’s hand of direction over our present and future. We must pray for and vote for leaders who align their decisions, actions and efforts back to the word and truth of God. And when we speak the words, “one nation under God and in God we trust” we must not forget the foundation on which our nation was built by continuing to stand on and for the promises of God. When we lead others to the heart of truth, God’s favor and blessing will follow for our families, communities and for our nation—it is God who will make America great again.   

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Publication date: June 23, 2016