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Now Will the Government Guarantee Me a Job?

Now Will the Government Guarantee Me a Job?

In the second Presidential debate on October 16th, the first question from the audience came from a 21-yr-old college student named Jeremy, who asked both candidates:

“What can you say to reassure me, but more importantly my parents, that I will be able to sufficiently support myself after I graduate?”

Unfortunately, both candidates gave political answers to this young man, playing into the idea that this student’s success is somehow dependent on government policies or who is in the White House. Governor Romney promised he would continue the student loan policies – which have led to insurmountable debt for graduates and a 25 percent spike in tuition. He said he would make it easier to go to college – a system that is turning out thousands of graduates who have few marketable skills. Governor Romney even mentioned that half of last year’s graduates are unemployed or severely underemployed. Adding more to this number is not reassuring – it should be terrifying.

President Obama promised Jeremy that he would increase manufacturing and factory jobs. However, as a life coach I don’t encounter many college graduates who identify working in a factory as their dream destination.  Most want to avoid the life of their parents and follow paths that embrace their passions. They want to be part of a worthy cause and do something to change the world.

Yes, politicians get elected by telling us what they are going to “give” us but Jeremy needs to be reminded that “circumstances” will never assure him any kind of success. The economy can be robust and unemployment at zero and it will have little to do with his success. This is very much an inner game – not determined by external factors.

The real question is – Jeremy, why would someone want to hire you? What have you done to bring value to the table for my company? What are your three strongest personal characteristics? What projects have you headed up in the last two years? What makes you remarkable?

Here’s what I would tell Jeremy:

1. Understand the need for “wisdom” as an addition to knowledge and information. You may have knowledge and degrees, but know that wisdom is the meaningful application of that knowledge.

2. Understand the changing models of work – thousands are finding legitimate work models and extraordinary income as consultants, contingency workers, independent contractors, free-lancers and entrepreneurs.  The old days of thinking the 8-5 job, with 2 weeks’ vacation and medical benefits is the only viable option are over.

3. Make your life international – meet new friends. Seek to understand those with different cultural experiences, different customs and different faiths.

4. Understand the power of relationships – the African concept of Ubuntu, where “they” become “we.” We cannot be fully human alone. Look for opportunities to connect and help others succeed.

5. Serve those around you – don’t wait till you graduate. If you want more money just figure out how to serve more people.

6. Have a pleasing personality – be generous with your resources, keep your word, smile easily, listen well and honor the uniqueness of each person you meet.

7. Know your gifts and talents – what makes you remarkable. Don’t rely on degrees alone to open doors of opportunity.

Yes, Jeremy, follow these 7 steps and I can reassure you and your parents – with confidence – that you will be well able to sufficiently support yourself after you graduate. Follow those 7 steps and you can be assured you will be able to follow your passion, create extraordinary income and make the world a better place.

Hoping the economy gets better will have little impact on assuring your success.  Making yourself better will guarantee your success. 

The unemployment figures, the economy, or frankly – who is in the White House – are all small factors compared to being a person people know, love and trust. With that I’ll be one of many organizations wanting you on our team.

This article appeared originally on November 5th, 2012 at Used with permission.

Dan Miller, President of 48 Days LLC, specializes in creative thinking for increased personal and business success. He believes that meaningful work blends our natural skills and abilities, our unique personality traits and our dreams and passions. Dan is active in helping individuals redirect careers, evaluate new income sources, and achieve balanced living. He believes that a clear sense of direction can help us become all that God designed us to be.

Dan is the author of the widely acclaimed 48 Days to The Work You Love and No More Mondays. He writes regularly for many popular magazines and web portals, including,, In Touch, AARP and Success magazines and the Zig Ziglar newsletter. He has been a guest on CBS’ ‘The Early Show,’ MSNBC’s ‘Hardball with Chris Mathews,’ 700 Club’s Living the Life and Fox Business News with Dave Ramsey Show, to hit some highlights. He hosts a weekly podcast that is consistently ranked #1 under Careers on iTunes. Dan is also a frequent speaker and guest on popular radio programs like Moody Broadcasting, Crown Financial, Janet Parshall’s America, American Family Radio, and Prime Time Chicago.

Committed to personal priorities, Dan and wife Joanne have been happily married for over 42 years. They have three grown children, all entrepreneurs, and they enjoy spending time with their eleven grandchildren. Visit his website at

Publication date: December 18, 2012