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Six Ways to Find Unadvertised Jobs

  • Mary Hunt Debt-Proof Living
  • 2012 15 May
Six Ways to Find Unadvertised Jobs

Looking for a job these days is a lot like participating in a treasure hunt with thousands of other "hunters." You don't want to dig where everyone is digging. You want to scope out places others are not searching so you have the best chance of scoring a real find.

That does not mean you should give up your current plan of attack, but in addition to sending resumes, consider these ways to strengthen your network and expand your job-hunting horizon.

Search bankruptcy filings. Many companies that file for bankruptcy protection go through "reorganization" rather than liquidation. It is not unusual for a company to emerge from this process stronger than it was before. Usually, the old management is gone. What a great opportunity for someone like you to show your management and survival skills!

Volunteer and non-profit organizations. While you are searching for employment, why not give back to your community by volunteering your services and talents with a non-profit organization? Besides the obvious benefit of helping others, you will meet all kinds of influential people from the community, including leaders of successful companies around town who sit on the boards of non-profits or who volunteer their time as well. Build relationships with these people and you might find yourself employed at their company.

Awards ceremonies. Check the local paper and chamber of commerce for scheduled awards ceremonies. If they are open to the public, plan to attend. You will discover that people in decision-making positions from other companies will also be in attendance because they want to be seen and associated with winners. Attend the banquet and you might find yourself seated next to an influential individual. Reach out. Introduce yourself and begin conversation. Each person you meet is a new addition to your network.

Small companies. One advantage of a small company over a large corporation is the lack of layers. Many times, they have the flexibility to create new jobs on the fly if you present yourself in a way that compels them to think you would be a great addition to the team.

Trade journals. It's possible the trade journals for your industry are available at your local library. If not, you may want to subscribe. These journals can be a great resource to scope out unadvertised jobs. Read between the lines of stories. Are there technological developments in your field? Are there changes in the way your industry is funded? Are there new programs, products or services that are being developed or launched? All of these developments could mean job opportunities. If you come across an interesting article, contact the author as a starting point to launch a conversation.

Company websites. Companies often advertise job openings and have career information posted on their websites, and that can open up a world of positions that aren't advertised in the classifieds. Use Internet search engines to identify companies in your area that are of interest to you.

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