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3 Lies You May be Telling (Yourself) about Your Business

3 Lies You May be Telling (Yourself) about Your Business

Are you lying about your business? I’m not accusing you of being intentionally deceitful, but I am wondering if maybe you are less than truthful with yourself at times. I’ve worked with many entrepreneurs and I’ve heard all kinds of little white lies. I’ve even told them myself.  Let me know if these sound familiar.

Three Lies We Tell About Our Businesses:

1.  “It’s Easier For Me To Just Do It Myself.” This is the number one excuse we make for why we don’t hire somebody when we need help. Sure, we might say we can’t afford it or that we can’t find the perfect person…but those reasons are rooted in the belief that it’s just easier to do everything ourselves. I get that you are a mom. And moms can do anything they set their minds to. But that doesn’t mean we have to do everything all alone. In fact, if you’re doing everything yourself, you are doing your business, your clients and yourself a disservice.

Yes, it takes time and energy to find the right help – whether it’s a bookkeeper or a babysitter. And you don’t always find the perfect fit the first time. What’s more, you may even lose your ideal helper at some point. But that’s no reason to avoid getting the assistance you need. When you have support, you can spend your time doing what you are being called to do, which means you provide better service to your customers and clients. And you open up space for someone else to fulfill a calling of their own by helping you.  It’s easier in the long run.

2. “I’m Too Busy, But That’s Better Than The Alternative.” Have you ever noticed that people equate being busy in business with being successful? When I was a freelance writer and people asked how business was going, if I answered “Busy!” they figured it was a good thing. There is an unspoken rule that you can’t complain if business is steady.  And if it’s coming in faster than you can handle…well, that’s a good problem to have. It’s better than nothing at all.

If you’re busy but not happy in your business, then I want to challenge you to be honest with yourself. Are you busy doing something you no longer want to do? Do you attract clients and customers who create more work with little reward? Are you at capacity, realizing that the only way to make more money in your business is to work more hours? Are you stressed, resentful and exhausted? I’m giving you permission to acknowledge that busy is NOT always best. What’s not working in your business?

3. “Yeah, But My Business is Different.” Trust me, I’ve sat through dozens of presentations, purchased countless programs and listened to the advice of experts and gurus only to conclude that whatever I learned wouldn’t work for me. Because my situation is different. My clients are different. My product is different. We all have this skewed perspective. It’s called Unique Snowflake Syndrome. We all think our businesses are unique.

News flash – no matter what you’re thinking about your business, IT’S NOT THAT DIFFERENT! Let me explain – your business should be unique. That’s what differentiates it from the competition. And of course, you’re special! You are the only you on the planet. You’re extraordinary! Uniquely and wonderfully made by the hand of God. But when it comes to  business and marketing strategy – your Unique Snowflake Syndrome could be getting in the way of your success. Are you using it as a crutch to avoid taking action? Do you use it as an excuse for failure? Is there a chance you’ve become so comfortable in your uniqueness that you no longer recognize the simple, ordinary solutions staring you right in the face?

If you’re not being honest with yourself in some way about your business, today’s a great day to start with a clean slate. I challenge you to examine your little white lies, excuses and crutches…acknowledge them…and let them go…without guilt or shame…and discover what’s true about your business! Focus on the truth and work with it.

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.” – Philippians 4:8 (NIV)

Theresa Ceniccola is a mother, writer and entrepreneur with a passion for connecting other Christian women and helping small business grow. As a marketing and PR professional, she launched TGC Communications, LLC in 1994 and has been working from home to serve clients and follow her passion while raising a family.  She is also co-founder of, a guided journaling practice dedicated to helping people discover the health benefits of writing. You can connect with Theresa on her blog at

Publication date: July 3, 2012