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What Kind of Impact Does Your Life Have?

  • Guy Hatcher The Legacy Guy
  • 2016 26 May
What Kind of Impact Does Your Life Have?

Where are You Going in Life and Does it Have Impact ?

If you lost everything you have, everything you’ve built, all your worldly possessions, —is God enough?

One morning, several years ago, I woke up with that very question weighing heavy on my mind. To be honest, I couldn’t answer it right away. I wanted to say yes, but the reality was at that point in my life, I wasn’t sure yes was the right answer. I continued to think about it over the next several days and I came to the conclusion, YES, was going to be my answer from that moment forward.

Several years have now passed and I can tell you with assurance, as can my family and friends, I am not the same man, husband, Dad, employer, or friend I used to be. What I’ve come to realize over this period of time is this—change of any kind is a journey filled with determinations, choices, and a different set of actions. I didn’t change overnight; the trajectory of my direction changed one day at a time over months and years.

Neuroscientist who study the science of neuroplasticity (the ability for the mind to change the way the brain thinks) tell us that just as we form habits and thoughts we can reform them. It’s not easy yet, with focus and intentionality it can be done. It requires recognizing wrong thoughts and replacing them with right thoughts. That’s actually the easy part, and then we must replace negative reactions with positive responses. For me, I had to first become aware of the fact that I was consciously pursuing the accolades and success of the world, and make a determination to stop this overriding mindset by pursuing God’s truth and not the world’s truth. Next, I had to change my actions—thought absent of action renders little, if any, change and value. As my thoughts and actions began to change so did the outcomes; personally, professionally, for my family, and most important my faith journey. 

I began to study God’s word with a different mindset. I had made the decision to dive in head first. I began reading Genesis, makes sense, it’s the first book of the Bible. I parked for a while at Genesis 12-22, the story of Abraham. I had grown up in church but for the first time, this story resonated with me in a totally different way. God began to speak to my heart about the importance of legacy.

Working as a financial planner for near thirty years I got the importance of estate and financial planning, as that's what got me to the level of success I lived. However, this was different. I saw clearly, legacy is not about what we leave it’s about how we live: the choices we make, values we set, callings we pursue and most of all the way we love and care for others. And not just our families, but every person we come into contact with whether standing in a store line, negotiating a business deal, or carpooling our kid’s friends here and there.

God gave Abraham a promise that he would bless all future generations that came through the lineage of Abraham. He gave him the sky as a reminder, In Genesis 22 God promised Abraham, “Indeed I will greatlybless you, and I will greatly multiply your seed as the stars of the heavens and as the sand which is on the seashore; and your seed shall possess the gate of their enemies. In your seed all the nations of the earth shall be blessed, because you have obeyed My voice." We are a part of Abraham’s seed and once we give everything we have to God, and receive him as the Lord of our lives, we too share in Abraham’s blessing and we are called to emulate the legacy of Christ.

How do we do this? We think on the things of Christ recognizing as neuroscience also now proves, “As we think so are we.” By filling our minds with the truth, truth drives our actions. Our actions follow the example Christ set for us. God calls us to live a life of value, integrity, character, giving, kindness, and to love and care for others deeply. To not only meet the physical needs of those he places in our paths but the spiritual needs as well. God calls us to live Legacies that reflect the image of Christ. Abraham didn’t make all the right decisions, but he trusted God to guide his steps and he stood on His truth.

If you lost everything today, is God enough? Take some time to reflect deep into this question. If your answer is, I want him to be. Start today; change your mindset one determination, choice, decision at a time. Then begin to respond in action in a manner that reflects Christ one day at time. I promise, when God becomes your absolute first love, everything in life takes on a new and more purposeful meaning.

Guy Hatcher: The Legacy Guy® – is passionate about helping families plan their legacy. His book, Your Future Reflection: How to Leave a Legacy Beyond Money, is available at amazon.com. Follow him on twitter @guyhatcher or contact him at www.guyhatcher.com

Publication date: May 26, 2016