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Inexpensive Ways to Say 'I Love You' That Work

  • Published Jan 02, 2001
Inexpensive Ways to Say 'I Love You' That Work
(Especially But Not Exclusively for Men)

By Susan M. Shannon Davies

Susan M. Shannon Davies is a regular contributor to No-Debt Living, which provides financial, consumer, college and time-management news with a Christian perspective.

Want to add a little romance and zest to your love life without having to take out a loan for an expensive piece of jewelry or a vacation? Would you like to get a jump on making this Valentine's Day something to remember?

Saying "I love you" in a memorable, romantic way doesn't require a cosigned loan or a platinum-sized bank card bill. And, if you're like most spouses, a little advance planning is a very good thing.

To help the romantically challenged, here are some suggestions for showing your love in special, inexpensive ways:

  • Make a list of all the things you love about life with your spouse. Slip it into a card and tape it to the bathroom mirror.

  • Treat your spouse to breakfast in bed.

  • Make or buy a small token of your love and hide it as part of a treasure hunt. Pick out five or six hiding places and hide the gift in the last place. Then construct the clues working backward.

  • Cut out small pink paper hearts and write a favorite Scripture verse on each one. Put a couple where your spouse will find them right away. Then hide a couple more to be found during the following week.

  • Plan and make a candlelight dinner after the kids go to bed. Or a candlelight dessert for two, followed by candlelight dancing in the living room.

  • Surprise your spouse with heart-shaped cookies sometime during the day.

  • Get out your wedding album or pictures of when you first met, and look at them together. Trace how God has worked in your marriage from then until now.

  • Find, or write ahead of time, a special blessing prayer for married couples and pray it with your spouse.

  • Ask a neighbor to watch the kids (if necessary) while you and your spouse go for a walk. Be sure to hold hands and share your feelings about how important he or she is to you.

  • Find a book at the library, or buy one, with appropriate poetry. Pull it out several times during the day and read a poem aloud to your spouse.

Win the Creative Ways to Say "I Love You" Contest!

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