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Save Your Savings

  • Robert Frank Editor of No-Debt Living Newsletter
  • 2001 10 Jan
Save Your Savings
Most people work hard to stretch their paycheck and "save." The problem is their savings rarely makes it into a savings account or investment where it can grow and work for them.
If you budget, use coupons, shop the sales, and work hard to end the month with a surplus, it is crucial that you actually transfer that surplus into a savings or investment account.
If you don't, that money mixes back in with your regular monthly budget and you soon spend it for something else. You then have nothing to show for all your hard work, and your enthusiasm for budgeting and sacrificing will wane.
Instead, designated a specific goal, like your retirement, a car or your next vacation and set up a savings or investment account for that purpose. That way you see tangible rewards and create an incentive for your daily efforts.

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