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Pay attention to your financial priorities

Pay attention to your financial priorities
How do you establish the financial priorities for your life?
What investment strategy best suits your personality and temperament? Investment instruments, such as mutual funds, stocks, money markets, bonds, IRAs, and annuities, are all valid approaches to consider in planning your financial future.

However, a prior question might be, what do you think is the one financial priority you should pay more attention to than you have? Could that priority be to know Gods heart?

Imagine that youre a financial planner for a wealthy client.
Youd have to know the client well. Does your client like to take big risks for large returns or prefer being conservative to avoid potential loss? Youd better know because youd have a tremendously important liability in managing that wealthy clients finances.

Youre way ahead of me, arent you? As a Christian, you already have a vital responsibility as a financial planner. Youre the manager of the possessions God has placed in your care.

And, God definitely has an investment policy. He expects you to be a good steward and invest wisely: As servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God. . . . It is required of stewards that one be found trustworthy (1 Corinthians 4:1-2).

What if God were to call you into His office tomorrow?
What if he asked you to report on how you are doing as His manager? What sort of report would you give Him at this point in your life?

If youre a risk-taking entrepreneurial sort, perhaps you could take that God-given drive and channel it into trying to discover Gods priorities for you. Maybe youre looking for a really big challenge, like becoming a celebrity or wielding authority over a huge organization. Check this out: Nothing is bigger or more important than the kingdom of God.

Or perhaps youre conservative. You like to research things, do your homework, and then invest your time, talent, or resources for the long run. You dont care if anyone knows your name; and you already have the biggest responsibility you wantyour family. Believe me, God has no problem with that. He has a plan and a place for each of us in His kingdom.

Trust God.
He harvests where He hasnt sown and gathers where He hasnt scattered seed. So, whether you love the excitement of risk or the satisfaction of safety, you can find it in Jesus Christ. God gave His all for you. Grasp the idea that what He has entrusted to you He expects you to invest both wisely and courageouslywhether its possessions, time, or self.

Whatever you crave . . .
In your financial priorities, excitement, or security youll want them to result in hearing the Master say to you, Well done, good and faithful slave [manager/steward].You were faithful with a few things, I will put you in charge of many things; enter into the joy of your master (Matthew 25:23).