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Stock Up That Freezer!

  • Robert Frank Editor of No-Debt Living Newsletter
  • Published Jan 16, 2001
Stock Up That Freezer!
Energy prices are going through the roof in many parts of the United States right now, and the worst is yet to come. So here's a quick tip to help put the chill on your energy bill.

Remember that more is less when it comes to keeping your freezer and refrigerator cool.

That's right, it requires less electricity to keep a full freezer or refrigerator cold than it does an empty one. So, watch for monthly sales on items you eat regularly (hamburger, milk, cheese, juice, etc.) and stock up. Also, buy your bread once or twice a month at an outlet store and save 50 percent.

If you don't have enough food to fill up your freezer, use gallon milk jugs full of water. Once they are frozen, they help your freezer retain that cold temperature. Because of rising energy prices, using this simple energy-saving tip is worth your time.

Other energy-saving freezer techniques include:

  • Set your freezer temperature to 0 degrees and your refrigerator to 38-40 degrees. These are the most efficient temperatures.

  • Brush and vacuum the dust bunnies off the refrigeration coils under or behind your freezer and refrigerator. The cleaner they are, the more efficiently they work.

  • Defrost the freezer if the ice on the wall is thicker than 1/4 of one inch. No ice build up is best.

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Copyright 2001 No-Debt Living. Reprinted with permission from No-Debt Living.