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Lending Money to Others

  • 2002 3 Oct
Lending Money to Others

Many people say,  "Well if I am not to borrow, then how can I lend?" The Bible addresses our lending to:  1. other nations (Deuteronomy 15:6 and 28:12), and  2. to our brothers who are poor(Exodus 22:25).

1. Other Nations

The term other nations as used in Deuteronomy 15:6 and 28:12 means a foreign nation, gentile heathen nation, people.lo Who are these people today? They are those who hear the Word of God about borrowing, and then decide to borrow in spite of the Word. It is proper to lend to them and collect interest.

2. A Brother Who Is Poor

In Exodus 22:25 we are instructed to lend to our brother who is poor, but the loan must be made under the following conditions:

1. The brother must be poor;

2. We cannot charge our brother interest;

3. We can take collateral for the loan, but we cannot foreclose on the collateral;

4. We cannot sue our brother for the return of the money (I Corinthians 6:1-9); and

5. At the end of every seven years the debt must be forgiven (Deuteronomy 15:1-2).

It is obvious that under the above circumstances that we have not really made a loan at all. Actually we have given the money to our brother. It is between him and God as to whether or not he pays it back.

The Real Cost of Borrowed Money

The real cost of borrowed money is measured in lost opportunity to spread the Gospel. As the following event hopefully depicts, every dollar paid in interest into our Babylonian system is a dollar lost to spreading the Gospel.

One July evening, my wife Donna and I were sitting in the Hillside Cathedral at the annual Fishnet Festival in Front Royal, Virginia. Larry Andes, the President of Fishnet and a good friend of ours, came on stage to encourage the approximately 16,000 people in the cathedral to contribute to Fishnet's annual $750,000 budget. Sitting there I prayed, irWhy does he even have to encourage the people to give, why don™t they just give? I will never forget God's answer, because My people are in debt to the lender and cannot afford to give. I then remembered that each year, for several years, approximately 1,000 people had been led to the Lord at Fishnet. It was then that the equation below came to my mind:

The Fishnet Equation

16,000 people in attendance at Fishnet divided by 4 people per family =4,000 families

If only 3,000 of those 4,000 christian families owed $500/mo. in interest payments x 12 mos. = $18,000,000/yr. in interest paid by those 3,000 families.

$18,000,000/yr. in interest payments divided by the $750,000 annual Fishnet budget = enough finances to conduct 24 annual Fishnets rather than only 1.

24 Fishnets x 1,000 average people saved per Fishnet = 24,000 people that could be saved rather than just 1,000.

Because those 3,000 christian families at Fishnet were in debt at the rate of $500 per mo. in interest each year, 23,000 people will have to hear the Gospel from some source other than Fishnet.

The Body of Christ does not need more finances, we need only to use wisely the resources we have already been given.

Insight to Freedom was founded in 1983 by John and Donna Deal.  This ministry was born out of John and Donna's walk out of $6,500,000 indebtedness from 1974-1986.  For more information, visit