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Wolf or sheep?

Wolf or sheep?
I recently attended a startling financial seminar that caused me to really reflect on some of God's truths as they applied to finances. Truth #1: "Money" is one of the Enemy's favorite chains -- used to capture our energy and attentions, love and worship. Hence, it is no surprise that Jesus would speak so frequently on the subject.

Truth #2: The "mind" is a tremendous gift from God, the reflection of His divine omniscience utilized in our lives to evaluate truth. May we be faithful to employ it in our approach to money and finance.

Truth #3: Where you seek counsel on investing is of utmost importance. Beware of the counterfeit concepts of money! At the seminar I attended, I witnessed what I consider to be a wolf parading as a sheep. In order to analyze the value of another's counsel, think twice before entrusting your faith in a financial advisor if he or she exhibits one or many of the following traits:
  • Promotes greed. One "advisor" begins his seminars by taunting the audience, "How about bein' so rich that your family and friends won't talk to you?" Do not follow someone who changes your heart for God into a heart for greed.

  • Promotes "get rich quick" methods. As noted in my article on day trading, these techniques (including "momentum investing") are another form of gambling. They will ultimately drain your savings and your spirit.

  • Charges $3,242 for a seminar. Even if they say their "financial clinic originally cost $6,195 but you can get an extra, extra special discount if you sign up today. . . " -- this cost is ludicrous. Unless it's provided on a one-to-one basis, no advice on personal finance is worth a thousand dollars when so many alternatives cost less than $50.

  • Has corrupt business practices. Do not trust an "advisor" if his organization is under investigation by the Attorney General of nine states, the SEC, and the IRS (for delinquency of $5 million in taxes).


The checklist above is so infantile that it might seem like a joke. Unfortunately, I am actually describing the traits of an "advisor" who advertises himself frequently on Christian radio and in churches.

I am deeply saddened by the unsuspecting individuals and churches who fall prey to the teachings outlined above. Please join me by praying for the following:
  • We pray that the Lord will teach and guide Christians to use their minds in the evaluation of teachings on money, in light of God's truth. "Keep falsehood and lies far from me." (Proverbs 30:8)

  • We pray that the "advisor" described above will reevaluate his own financial teachings and practices in light of God's word.

  • We pray that God will lift up Christians in the enemy-occupied financial world, to both blow the horn on counterfeit ideas and provide thoughtful leadership in light of God's word.