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10 10 80 Financial Lifestyle

  • 2018 20 Aug
10 10 80 Financial Lifestyle


10 10 80 Financial Lifestyle

This simple financial rule has been around for a long time. Some say it’s impossible to live by while others say it’s too simple of a rule for our complicated financial lives. We’d say that even though the rule seems simple, it’s not only doable but also a great way to begin aligning your finances with your financial goals and dreams.  So lets unpack the 10 10 80 rule and see how we can use it as our financial compass.

As we generate income, 10 10 80 rules helps us with distributing our income in a way that would:

- Allow us to be generous with 10%.

- Provide us with a financial buffer or margin of 10%.

- Cover all of our day-to-day living expenses with the remaining 80%.

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