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10% Generosity

  • 2018 21 Aug
10% Generosity


10 10 80 Financial Lifestyle: 10% Generosity

Statistics show that those who give of their time and resources are happier, healthier and live a much more fulfilled life.

Here are few ideas on how to make generosity part of your financial journey:

- Give before you spend rather than after the fact.

- Decide as a family what matters to you most and make giving a family-wide affair. Let your children participate in the act of giving and talk about generosity and why it matters at your dinner table.

- Giving often is sacrificial, so take a look at your spending habits and see if there are ways to curb spending in order to give.

- Participate in projects with your charities of choice. This is a great way to experience how your monetary gifts are being used to help others.

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