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Budgeting for Periodic Expenses: Make a Plan

  • 2018 6 Jun
Budgeting for Periodic Expenses: Make a Plan


Budgeting for Periodic Expenses: Make a Plan

It’s easy to budget for activities we do every month, like buying groceries, paying mortgage and utilities.  Activities that occur on a periodic basis tend to slip through the cracks and catch us by surprise.

It’s those periodic expenses that can keep us trapped in the debt cycle; so it's important we include all of those periodic expenses in our budget in order to have cash set aside when the expense comes up.

Make a List

Before you do anything else, take a few minutes and think of all the periodic expenses that should be part of your budget. Here is a quick lists to help you get going: Christmas, birthday gifts, car maintenance, medical expenses, home maintenance, vacation, HOA fees, etc. As you can see, this is a list of activities you know will happen sometime throughout the course of the year and will require funding, hence you should fund those expenses before they occur.

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