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Help Your Child Choose the Right College

  • 2019 21 Jun
Help Your Child Choose the Right College


Help Your Child Choose the Right College

The educational field has been leveling off so much in the recent years, which means students and parents should look way beyond the tuition cost in order to determine a good college strategy.

1. Observe the trends in the job market and understanding what are the desirable qualities and credentials employers are looking for.

2. Choose a program that fits and promotes your students’ natural gifts and talents. Too many start college “undecided” and waste precious time and money on figuring life out.

3. Before deciding on a school, find a good DICS test, preferably with a coach or a counselor, and help your child discover their sweet spot. This alone can save you and your student lots of time, money and possible future frustration.

4. Consider the pros and cons of living at home while going to school or even working while at college. Due to today’s job market, it’s much better for a student to take a bit longer to graduate, but graduate debt free. This approach will not only give your child a much broader options for employment after graduation (not owing money means they can accept a lower-paying job that holds a promise of growth in the future) but will also give them work experience and on the job skills, which really do matter.

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