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I Want It, and I Want It Now

  • 2018 30 Apr
I Want It, and I Want It Now


I Want It, and I Want It Now

Unlike our parents or grandparents, who understood that in life we can’t have it all, that it takes time and sacrifice to reach certain financial goals, we’ve convinced ourselves that there is no use in waiting, since we literally can have it now, if not with cash than with credit. The I’ll buy it now and pay for it later approach is what’s driving so many of us to insane levels of debt. We make conscious decisions to “play now and hopefully pay later,” convincing ourselves that the days of reckoning will never come. If you’re living a lie that you can have it all, that debt is really not as bad as it seems, and that you’ll somehow manage those monthly minimum payments, then it’s time for you to wake up! If the day of reckoning hasn’t come yet, it will soon, and the longer you wait the tougher your life will be. So how can you break this destructive cycle?

  • Admit your problem.
  • Find an accountability partner, someone who will have your permission to keep you on the “straight and narrow.”
  • Stop using debt for any purchase and live on cash basis ONLY.

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